Men come to me all the time complaining about their wife being gone all the time. They are angry because their wife is consistently “gone”, hanging out with her girlfriends. To make the problem even worse, they say, these girlfriends are “bad news”. They are “men-bashers” of the highest order.

Want to know what I tell them?

“The bad-news girlfriends are doing a better job of meeting your wife’s needs than you are which is why she chooses to hang out with them instead of you.”

It’s not very pleasant. It doesn’t make them feel good. And, it contains the answer these men need to turn their situation around so that their wife wants to hang out with them and have sex with them instead of hanging out with the bad-news girlfriends

The answer is

“Do a better job at meeting your wife’s needs than anyone else she knows.”

The man who embraces this philosophy will soon find that his wife spends far, far more time with him than she does anyone else.

Want an easy way to find out how to meet your wife’s needs better than anyone else?

Ask her this one question: “Look deep inside of yourself and imagine for a moment that I met and satisfied your every need and desire better than anyone else you know. What would I be doing?”

Whatever it is that she tells you, treat with the UTMOST RESPECT because she will be baring her soul to you. How you treat her response will either take your marriage and sex-life to never-before-seen heights or it will be the straw-that-broke-the-camels-back.

How to Grab Attention of Your Wife

Little things of life hold keys to peace and love

Do these simple things to get her attention.

  1. Genuinely remind wife that you appreciate her
  2. Watch your words when you are angry (most important).
  3. Say thank you for the little things.
  4. Practice honesty, even when you’re ashamed.
  5. Take care of your appearance.
  6. Do not flirt outside your marriage.
  7. Keep the useless stuffs away
  8. Ensure room is clean
  9. Remember important dates of family life.
  10. Sometimes, allow her to gossip with girlfriends.

Try it and see for yourself.

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