Many would agree that women spend a huge portion of their time in making sure that men would find them attractive and desirable. In fact, even when women are already married, they still strive to look perfect for their man.

But it is quite the opposite when it comes to men who rarely even try to find out what characteristics do women like in them. If you are serious about making your girl happy or if you still haven’t found a woman to call your own, then there might be something wrong with how you present yourself and what you do.

In order to know what women find desirable in men, it may be a good idea to know what experts have to say about the issue. Below are the characteristics of men that women find irresistible and endearing:

Good Sense Of Humor

Have you ever wondered why famous comedians, who may not look hot or handsome, seem to date even the most gorgeous women in Hollywood? The answer to this is women usually enjoy the company of men who make them laugh. Since a woman’s life is already full of stress and problems, they want someone who could help them forget their woes and make them feel comfortable. If the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the best way to a woman’s heart is by making her laugh.

Certain Level Of Achievement

Success is another magnet that seems to attract women to men. If you are successful in your own field, then surely you will find women throwing themselves on to you. Maybe the reason behind this is that women expect their men to be the one to pay for dinner and to spoil them rotten. Also, the status of a woman can sometimes be measured by who she is dating. In order to be simply irresistible to women, you better put your act together and start striving for success.

A Bit Of Self-confidence

Aside from success (and money), women also want their men to be confident about themselves. They want a person who can easily express himself no matter who they are with. However, be careful not be arrogant because women abhor men who tell lies just in order to look better or appear richer and more successful.

Keep A Little Mystery

Men and women alike absolutely go gaga with a person who is mysterious. A little mystery and intrigue could help make you more interesting to other people.Round And Full ButtocksIf men look for full and perky breasts, women look for hard and big butt in men. Since only few men have shapely buttocks, it seems that women desire men who have this characteristic to become the envy of their girl friends. The best way to have a shapely behind is through exercise.

Flat Abs

Again, women are hard to please. Since flat abs is one of the most difficult things to achieve, women want their men to posses this physical trait. Besides, having flat abs shows that a man is well-disciplined and interested in his health.If you find it difficult to burn fat and achieve a rippled abdomen, you may want to get a little help from products like Dermacut. For more details of how this fat-pocket eliminator can help you, just log on to

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