Women nowadays suffer from various kinds of mental and physical issues that are mainly caused due to the high levels of stress and anxiety that they suffer from. It has been seen that women are usually prone to different kinds of health problems as compared to men because they are genetically different and their hormones and reproductive organs are usually the main sources of their trouble. The health of a woman is crucial because she is not only responsible for her own health but also has to bear a child.

Thus it is vital that women implement various steps to know more about women’s health and related issues so that they can take better care of their body and thus avoid and prevent these ailments and diseases. There are various kinds of physical and mental ailments that befall a woman and these deal with issues like breast cancer, diabetes and reproductive and birth control issues. It has been seen that most of these issues are critical and need immediate care.

It is vital for women to understand that that their body types and structure are not the same like men and hence taking care of their body the same way that men do is not going to help. One of the biggest issues that women have to face today is the problems of drinking and smoking. It has been that the consumption of alcohol in women has gone up drastically and this has resulted in various kinds of health problems and other related issues.

This is also one of the biggest causes of lung cancer and accidents in women because alcoholic drinks affect a woman much faster than a man. It has also been seen that smoking is unhealthy for women because they bear children and these smoking habits are hard to get rid of. As a result many chain smokers continue to smoke even when they are pregnant and this has an adverse effect on their health and body. Thus to avoid these problems women should also avoid smoking because it leads to various forms of cancer also.

There are various other kinds of women’s issues pertaining to their mental health and these include issues like anxiety, apprehension and mental ailments, which also includes annihilation. Various psychiatric have seen that these issues are more prevalent amongst the women in contrast to men and as per researches depression claims twice the number of women as opposed to men. Also the level of severity is more advanced in women and hence there are higher chances of deaths in women due to the same.

Studies and researches by medical practitioners also reveal that the level of stress is a major contributor to the overall transformation in the brain. This in return has the power to affect the overall mental health and thus women are prone to such kinds of diseases. Also the other major issues with women are heart diseases, which is contrary to the earlier belief that women don’t get heart diseases easily. Again the major contributors here are food habits, smoking and drinking, which claims more lives for women too.

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