Society has become so vain and enamored with the idea of beauty that men and women will do anything and everything to become beautiful.     Along with this obsession for everything beautiful came new technologies that can enhance beauty, but for a certain price.

Today, even men have become so vain that they are willing to undergo surgical procedures if only to remove that extra flab from their abdomen or to obtain fabulous abs.   A majority of men today go to the gym not only to become fit but to avoid being/becoming fat.   They also have their own dermatologists to keep their faces free from acne and other blemishes.

Beauty, at one time, was assumed to be a woman’s territory.   However, there are more and more beauty products that specifically cater to men; from shampoo, lotion, cologne, facial wash, body wash, to other products that used to occupy a woman’s shelves.

Men have become as vain as women, concerning beauty, but just what is a beautiful man?

A man is said to be beautiful if he knows how to act and be a man.   A beautiful man should not only be measured by his physical appearance, but by his principles.   However, men can not be blamed for aspiring to be beautiful outwardly.   So how can they improve their appearance?

Aside from his personality, a man’s physique will always determine his attractiveness toward the opposite sex.   A man can easily improve his appearance by making certain that he is physically fit.   Going to the gym for cross training will improve his body, but this can also be achieved by doing physical exercises such as jogging, walking, playing tennis or any other physical activity.

Once the right body build is achieved, a man can focus on his skin.   A man with acne probably won’t be as popular with girls when compared to a man with a clear skin.   Regular facial check ups should be done if possible if acne or other blemishes are present or have left scars on his face.   If a man is blessed with clear skin, then he must maintain his facial condition and cleanse his face with water and soap that has a PH or acidity level below ten.

A man’s neatness will also improve his overall appearance; the way a man wears his clothes will also make a difference.   A man should learn how to dress according to the occasion.   He should be dressed comfortably but never overdressed.

There are many ways of improving a man’s appearance; while he should focus on the physical aspects, a man should also make certain he has something important to say before he opens his mouth to speak.   While he has to exert effort to improve his physical appearance, he should also exert an equal amount of effort to improving his mind.

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