Although a growing number of new women’s health research, the idea of equating
Women and men’s health persist.

Basically, set a stage for the simplification of women’s health to a point
triggering dangerous health consequences for women.

This is not to say that breaking complex issues into simpler parts is wrong.

In fact, it is very important to do this is to put the information explosion under control.However, serious problems may occur if you make things simpler than they are.

This is what I call the “theory-to-practice dilemma.

For example, the 10-day weight-loss diet sounds great at first, but in the end, abbreviations for health is always your confidence as you end up with a net loss of more than when you first started.

If health issues were simple, medicine and healthcare, the code would have broken to the health a long time ago.Unfortunately, many media messages continue to promote one-dimensional and the solutions for s sexual and general health of women “simplified problems.

Marketers know the time demands placed on modern women today, offering tempting and enticing simple one-step solutions to complex problems such as sexual dysfunction.

And so a vicious cycle of poor health decisions created.

The consequences are more than minor.The social, physical andemotional impact of poor health choices affect everything you do.Your life depends on good health choices are still women run a higher risk of making poor decisions.

Not because they are not informed, but because they are wrong.-women health

Consider the following physiological differences between men and women:

Ibuprofen as a painkiller, is not as effective in women than in men.

Men and women show differentSymptoms of a heart attack. Chest pain is most common in men, while women’s are more subtle symptoms that are often characterized by general fatigue, abdominal pain and nausea-women health

Women with irritable bowel syndrome respond better than men on certain types of treatment (serotonin receptor antagonist).

Men and women absorb and excrete some drugs in different ways and at different paces. Some drugs are effective in women, while other major Side effects in women than in men.

Of course women are different than men. More importantly, women are sexually sophisticated than men!
Now the question is what to do?

Make sure when you research a potential product that the product information is based on female-subject research.

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