The world of skincare has long catered to the female sorority. And the men were left to borrow creams and lotions from their better halves. But with the rise of metrosexualism, the market is scattered with skin care products exclusively for men.

However, there are still many people who feel skin care products for men are a marketing trick to increase sales. They fail to realize that men and women’s skin are essentially different and so they need special and customized treatment.

Here are some basic reasons why you should use skin care products especially formulated for your sex.


The testosterone levels are higher in men, therefore they have larger skin pores and increased oil production. Skin care products for men are specially designed for in-depth cleansing of the face and maintaining moisture levels in the body. Also, the fragrance levels are low in these products. So you don ‘t have to worry about smelling like a woman anymore. Men ‘s skin care products usually contain cologne elements that smell more like men ‘s fragrances.

Moreover, using women ‘s skin care products may prove to be harmful for you. Women generally have thin and delicate skin. Therefore, skin care products for women are usually high on oil. And this can irritate the skin and close the pores.

You can use Neocutis Bio-restorative Skin Cream or Obagi Nu-Derm System that makes up for a great skin care regimen.

Thicker Skin

Typically, men have thicker skin than women. The male is about 20 to 30 percent thicker than female skin because they have more collagen and elastin in them. And because of this men age slower than women. Perhaps this is the reason why traditionally men were married off to women much younger than themselves so that they age together!

However, premature aging can happen to anyone regardless of the sex of the person. Factors like pollution, sun exposure and environmental changes contribute towards it. Therefore it is essential that you take good care of your skin and use products like Clayton Shagal Colhy Gel and NeoCutis Journee Bio-restorative Day Cream to maintain collagen levels of the skin and prevent undue aging signs.

Shaving Issues

Men, unlike women, have to go through a daily ritual of hair removal- shaving! Daily shaving can result in irritation, ingrown hair, blemishes, razor burn and a host of other problems. This makes your skin more sensitive and more irritable. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you after shave lotions or after shave gels to soothe the situation.

Shaving does cause irritation but that can ‘t be a cue to undermine the importance of the process. In addition to ridding facial hair, shaving also scrapes off dead skin cells from the face.

More time outdoors

Men usually spend more time outdoors than women do. Be it hanging out with friends or be it mowing the lawn, all the time you spend out makes your skin exposed to the harmful UVA/B radiations of the sun. These radiations can cause extreme skin damage to the extent that it makes you susceptible to skin cancer. So make sure you apply dollops of sunscreen before venturing out.

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