Solution to female sexual dysfunction

Some women may be performing great initially but with age, their interest in sex may diminish due to a variety of reasons. Often low testosterone levels in ageing women plays a big role in diminishing their sexual interest. A healthy talk with a doctor and some medications may help most women to regain their sexual interest. A leading treatment for women to treat low sexual arousal is Intrinsa.

Intrinsa and its working

Intrinsa testosterone patches have helped more than half the women in clinical trials to treat low sexual arousal. Intrinsa works by supplying testosterone to the body and restoring their levels. Testosterone is a sex hormone, which naturally occurs in both men and women. However, after a certain age their production is inhibited and thus the need arises to supply testosterone artificially.

Usage of patch

The Intrinsa patch is to be applied on the lower part of abdomen. It needs to be changed on every fourth day and replaced with a new patch. Care should be taken that the patches are not applied on the same area repeatedly. In addition, if a patient observes skin rashes and other allergic reactions, she should visit a doctor. In normal circumstances, Intrinsa patches are safe for use, but if you are hypersensitive, there are chances you may witness allergic reactions on account of usage of patches.

Side effects of patch

Testosterone in Intrinsa may also lead to certain unpleasant effects. As testosterone is essentially a male sex hormone, certain masculine effects such as enlargement of clitoris, increased amount of unwanted hair on chin or upper lip, acne, hoarseness of voice, etc may occur. Other side effects of Intrinsa patch are:

  • Hair loss
  • Migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Voice deepening
  • Breast pain
  • Weight gain

How to purchase Intrinsa online?

When it comes to purchasing medications online, a lot of alarm bells start ringing off in the background. However, not all online sources that sell medications online are frauds and illicit. Health authorities approve online purchasing of medications and there are reputed sources that are in the business for years and offer great services and of course, branded genuine treatments.

Just make sure that the source from where you purchase Intrinsa is not a flashy looking website selling drugs on sale and you will be through. When you purchase Intrinsa online, check if a source has:

  • Protection from security sites like GeoTrust
  • Valid correspondence address and a telephone number
  • Provides round the clock services

After checking out few websites, you will know your right from wrong and then you can purchase Intrinsa online without any hassles.

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