Premature ejaculation (PE), also called firstly ejaculation or early ejaculation. It is one of the most general problems in men. It is delineated by a lack of voluntary control over ejaculation. Though the main causes of premature ejaculation are not so clear and the situation is thought to be mainly a psychological issue and there is a way to have a good premature ejaculation treatment. To learn how this upsetting issue can be successfully treated, one needs to understand some facts associated with ejaculation and its mechanism.

When there is an early ejaculation, there is a problem in either in sexual thoughts that a man has or there is a weak reproductive system and so its organs that cannot hold the semen up to the time they should really do. Premature ejaculation treatment is possible in many ways but most of the men across the world prefer herbal or natural way to overcome this embarrassing issue.
Let us now talk about some important ways as premature ejaculation treatment those are proven to help a man overcoming early coming.

Premature ejaculation causes psychological: –

Some health experts believe that early sexual experience might build a pattern that could be hard to change later in life like: –

*conditions wherein the man might have hurried to reach climax in order that avoids being traced or discovered premature ejaculation
* Guilty feelings that may increase man’s tendency for rushing through sexual encounters
Other factors those might be considered as premature ejaculation causes include:-
*Erectile dysfunction: A man who is anxious about getting or keeping their erection during sexual activities might form a pattern to rush to ejaculate that ultimately turns to be difficult to change.
*Anxiety: There are many males who suffer from premature ejaculation mainly due to mental problems such as over excitement, anxiety, depression either specifically about sex performance, or maybe because of other issues.

Squeezing Technique: this technique targets to treat bulbocavernosus muscle that helps eliminating involuntary contractions that could be cause for early ejaculation with not so great sexual pleasure. This technique is developed by Masters and Johnson and is widely used across the world along with natural premature ejaculation pills and capsules.

Premature ejaculation can be caused by a lack of communication between partners, hurt feelings, or uncertain combats that interfere with the capacity to achieve emotional intimacy. Neurological premature ejaculation can also malleable to other contours of dysfunction. Certitude medications and drugs that affected the act of chemical messengers in the brain may cause premature ejaculation. Treatment of premature ejaculation involves therapy, medications and psychotherapy.

On and off method: in premature ejaculation treatment, start and stop method or also known as on and off method may work. To perform, one should start physical stimulation to the penis and keep it on till the urge of ejaculation is felt. Then, it is suddenly stopped. Again, when the urge is suppressed, the technique is carried on. This is another way to have effective premature ejaculation treatment.

The market is full of supplements that can be taken as premature ejaculation treatment. Herbal products in the form of pills/capsules, lotions, gels, oils, creams are available for man suffering from early coming. Many medical practitioners believe that premature ejaculation is all about mental issue and hence, keeping the brain under control helps in overcoming it. Meditation and herbs like Ashwagandha may help in controlling the sexual urge.

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