As a family, the conception of a baby is an event that affects both the mother and the father. Often, the focus is primarily on the mother naturally. She is the one carrying the baby. But a pregnancy nutrition diet, health, mens food choices and the level of physical activity are all part of the big picture. The truth is that even fertility itself is affected by nutrition. If you have been trying to conceive with no results, it is important that both the man and woman look at their diet. A womans conception chances can be improved with a vitamin filled pregnancy nutrition diet. Health, mens nutritional status and the increased production of sperm are also major factors increasing successful conception possibilities.

The Same Plan

To put it simply, the healthier a mans sperm is, the better his chances are he will conceive. Sperm health includes sperm counts and sperm motility. With a pregnancy nutrition diet, health, mens dietary needs and basic overall nutritional requirements are met. So a father-to-be can follow the same plan as the mother-to-be. The only adjustment that needs to be made is for the size and weight difference between men and women.

A pregnancy diet plan follows simple but essential recommendations for proper nutrition. It provides the right amount of vitamins and minerals. The same plan that aids in the development of a healthy baby and keeps the mother healthy at the same time, can also aid in the very conception of that same baby.

– Vitamin C, D and E contribute to healthy sperm production

– The mineral zinc can increase sperm production

– Balanced diet improves overall health

– Eating brightly colored vegetables can increase sperm motility

– Eating brightly colored fruit can also increase sperm motility

– Vitamin and mineral supplements can reverse problems created by environmental toxins

– Vitamin and mineral supplements fill nutritional voids left by prepackaged foods

Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants. Antioxidants can help prevent damage to sperm caused by age and nutritional shortages. The organs that are important for reproduction are easily damaged by environmental factors also. Increasing antioxidants can prevent those factors from preventing conception. The bottom line is that good nutrition plays a critical role in improving the chances for conception. A pregnancy nutrition diet, health, mens issues and the babys development are the major concerns of a pregnancy.

A Healthy Family

There is not much that is more beautiful than a healthy baby. Nutritional health can play a major part in the days leading up to conception. Fertility is affected by stress, nutrition and physical problems. Stress and nutrition can be controlled to a large extent by our food choices. Planning for conception should include attention to pregnancy nutrition diet health. Mens health is just as critical to the procreation of the baby. Eating a balanced diet that provides all the essential nutritional requirements can one day mean the difference to having a baby to call your own.

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