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There is a simple science to Penis Enlargement process. Enlarging your penis requires you to put in an effort where you let more blood flow into it for you to achieve a harder erection and bigger penis size. This is what this exercise is all about but keep in mind that exercise alone will not do the job effectively. Nutrients play an important role in growing the size of your penis just as your body needs nutrients and exercise to grow healthy and strong.

Penis Size Enlargement

increase penis size enlargement

You don’t Need Penis Enlargement Bible

Do you know how to accurately measure your penis length? Here are the steps:

Step 1. Place the tip of your measuring device just hard enough against your pubic bone so you can feel it (the hard part beneath your pubic hair). Holding your penis, measure all the way to the tip, the top most part.

Step 2. Use a cloth measuring tape for an accurate reading. Do not follow a straight measurement from the tip down to the pubic bone but measure along curves and bends. Use a string as a substitute if you don’t have a cloth measuring tape. Simply measure the string you used to get the length of your penis by placing it against a ruler. The result (in inches, centimeters or millimeters) is your official penis length.

Treat Penis Disease! of Small Size with Simple Large Penis Tips

Since ancient history manhood endowment is always confused with the potent level or high libido in an individual, the myth is busted recently, but the curiosity to make penis size bigger and thicker is still most pursued by men who take their penis size seriously. Even there are women, who love to offer penetrative or oral sex to bigger penises.

Women Are Curious of Penis Size
Women Are Curious of Penis Size

Average length of the penis of an adult human male ranges from 2 inches to 4 inches (in flaccid position) and 6.5 inches (+/- 1.2 inches) in the erect position. The size of the penis differs also as per the sexual orientation (Homosexual, Bisexual or Straight, with straight men having the average length less than the other two).
Race also determines the size of the penis, with East Asians having the smallest average length while Caucasians have the longest average length.

There is a simple technique, which will help you increase the size of penis:

  • It is called the Power Stretch Technique. It involves squeezing and pulling the penis on regular basis.
  • Breath in deeply when you start stretching your penis, hold the stretch for a couple of seconds.
  • Release the stretch but maintain the grip while exhaling for two seconds.
  • This exercise will increase the size of the penis in both flaccid and erect state.
  • While performing the exercise, if you get an erection, wait till the erection subsides and then continue the exercise.
  • The exercise is best done in the flaccid state.
  • Take caution of not stretching the penis too much and pressing it too hard. Overdoing it may affect local circulation and is harmful.

The penis erection has been a persistent problem for males since ages. It is very important for the males to realize that the penis size is very much dependent on the protein content and also the hormonal levels of the body. In the ancient days, there were many ways in which the people used to increase their potency.

Bigger Penis Generates Confidence
Bigger Penis Generates Confidence

Penis large or small all are driven by the same hormones but it is the amount of the hormones secreted in the body which determines the size of the penis.

There three ancient exercises which are really effective:

  • Jelqing: It is the most ancient form of the penis enlargement exercise that we have ever come across. It was widely in use by the nomadic tribes of the Arabic sands. It involves the milking of the penis and massaging it at the portion called Corpora Covernosa which will make it visibly larger and stronger.
  • Penis Stretching: The penis stretching is one often best ways to get rid of the sexual impotency and increase the penis size. The stretching of the same penis tissues can make you a great sexual mate giving the perfect orgasm to your mates. The stretching helps the elastic sexual gland cells to increase the volume and length.
  • Kegel Exercises: It is an exercise which can help you elongate every fragment of the penis tissues. It can help you elongate the epidermal muscle layers.

Myths about penis size?

Shoe size is a good predictor of penis size

Date a guy who has long shoes. No, it’s not. In fact, there is no good predictor. And it’s not for lack of research—studies have examined correlations between penis size and race, height, build, and the size of a man’s feet, hands, and even butt.

You can’t break a guy’s penis, since boners don’t contain bones

“There’s no bone, but there is something called the corpora cavernosa—fibrous tissues that carry blood supply, protected by ligaments. Those can rupture,” says Harry Fisch, M.D., a clinical professor of urology and reproductive medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, who reassures us that the injury is rare. “I’ve been practicing for over 25 years, and the last time I saw one was as a resident in the ER.” A fracture in the structure of the penis (which will feel slightly less painful than a broken leg) is an emergency—one that requires surgery. The usual culprit is misalignment during woman-on-top sex, so be careful up there, just in case.

There is a pill/cream/device/surgery that will make a penis larger

While there’s no way to become bigger, he can make the most of his natural state by getting as hard as humanly possible. “Heart-healthy behavior is penis-healthy behavior,” says Fisch. “He should quit smoking, eat more low-cholesterol foods, and get plenty of regular cardio exercise—particularly squats, hip thrusts, and leg lifts—to send blood rushing to the pelvic and gluteal area. Supplements and medications like Viagra can increase nitric oxide, which improves blood flow. Think of it like inflating a tire.”

Though natural herbs to increase penis size or prolong sex sessions are better than pills.

If he stays erect after sex, he wants another go

Not always. Sometimes erections remain even after he’s ejaculated. How long a guy can stay hard afterward depends on the quality of his blood flow, his level of arousal, and whether he has the help of a little blue pill. Some men are able to perform again within five or 10 minutes, some dudes need a half-hour, and others require a full day to recover.

woman on top pose danger to penis enlargement

Woman on top position decreases penis size

That’s one of the most bizarre myths. Not at all. Slide slowly inside her vagaina. Let her softly ride you. With your hands holding her hands giving good support. Yes if the women is huge and wildly jumps on your penis then due to heavy pressure your penis can rupture but NO … this position never decreases size.

no oral sex increases penis size

Receiving oral sex increase penis size

That is a trick populated by guys who want to bluff their women to suck their penis, alluring them that their penis size might increase and help them stand longer inside vagina. This is farce. No … oral sex do not increase penis size. However it does give immense pleasure to men.

Intercourse with tighter vagina massages penis

Another fake logic to enjoy sex with teen girls. The myth was heavily promoted by thailand sex workers who promised they offer hue oil and tighter vagina charging extra fees – as friction of oil through the fit vagina walls massages penis, increasing length of phallus. A hoax legend to sell cheap sex. Do not ever believe it.

Penis Size Enlargement Home Remedies

increase penis size foods

Increase Penis Size by Treating Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a type of sexual dysfunction that occurs when a man has an orgasm and releases (ejaculates) semen sooner than he or his partner would like. In extreme cases within 2 minutes. It also happens before or shortly after penetration during intercourse. Due to premature ejaculation, penis does not get adequate blood flow for longer time so loss of erection hampers natural exercise of the muscles and veins. Treat premature ejaculation with natural foods and increase penis size.

Premature Ejaculation foods

Penis Size Enlargement with Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber but low in calories. Eating a diet rich in leafy greens boost stamina, energy and penis muscles strength.

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