Biological make-up and various traits spell the difference between men and women. But since the people to be more physical endurance and performance as women tend to have the men tend to their bodies and thus neglect their health. This could have reduced male-female life expectancy gap, but it is nevertheless a fact that people have to pay more for their health. The men are often at a disadvantage in some respects Health issues. Men are more likely to smoke and drink than women. They are generally more vulnerable to work-related stress, as they often define themselves by their careers.

Men’s health issues are a global issue, and the male to female ratio of 1:10, the male population seems to remain slow. Mentioned issues such as heart disease, STD, erectiled dysfunctiond, obesity, diabetes, prostate and colon cancer by some to rise to an alarming rate as a> Men are more careless of their health and are often more reluctant to visit the doctor. One of the common men’s health issues, prostate cancer. This disease is a common word of mouth among the people because it is disseminated more widely. Studies have even found that lean people are more prone to develop prostate cancer than obese people.

But recent studies found the opposite, as it was later found that obesity may increaseRisk of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is difficult to detect at an early stage in obese men, until the disease becomes chronic and control measures might in the end proved to be inefficient. The best recourse for prostate cancer is still a mandatory prevention through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle entailed. STDs and HIV / AIDS are also two of the worst men’s health issues. Because some men to multiple sexual partners, without a tendency to use condoms, men aregenerally at risk for sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis and HIV / AIDS.

Men’s health issues for sexually transmitted diseases are always a big problem with HIV / AIDS affected rate on the rise. Obesity is also one of the most widespread. In general, deals with the work and aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and drinking impacted, men are also prone to obesity. As obesity leads to other adverse conditions, such as healthsuch as heart disease and diabetes, obesity is one of the men ‘s health issues, should not be neglected. Men posing a higher risk for heart failure, prevention and fighting means must be performed for obesity. Erectiled dysfunctiond is also covered one of the men ‘s health issues.

Also known as impotence, erectiled dysfunctiond can cause so much frustration, not only in sexual performance, but also in reproduction. Erectiled dysfunctiond as one of themen’s health issues you may have a physiological or psychological causes or a manifestation of other diseases such as diabetes. With the social and cultural expectations of men, breadwinners and complete responsibility for their families and to keep pace with the expectations for masculinity, men more likely to cause stress and unhealthy lifestyles. Men’s health issues is a fear that menthe initiative should pay attention to.

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