What Men Lack in Dating

Dating tips for Men

The single most important elelment in dating is communication and the art of pursuing it amicably.

It’s one of people worn out cliches that suffer passed dropped throughout time. Men and women communicate essentially different with unique mannerisms. I believe we all know that on some level. So, what can you do? How can you begin to communicate with women and get them to respond to you in a way that you want?

First of all, you have to come to the understanding that most communication happens without the use of words. While you might be paying more attention to how you talk to a woman, chance are, she’s evaluating things like your body language, what your eyes seem to be saying, etc. You have to learn how to use body language to attract a woman. without it, all you really have is talking and your basic physical appearance. You need more than this to really build attraction and to get a woman to respond to you in a way that you really want. You have to be able to “interpret” what she is saying. Every man has gotten caught up in a situation where a woman was mad at them for what seemed to be no reason at all. To combat this, you have to become skilled at interpreting her body language, her female “code” that she uses, and what she is looking for.

  There’s no question that a woman will say one thing and expect another.

Take the example of a woman that tells her boyfriend she has no problem with him going out with his buddies on a Friday night. So, he does.

Then he catches flack for doing exactly what she said was okay.

You have to be able to crack the code of what a woman really is saying. And you can almost crack this, if you continously communicate with her. Communication with a woman is necessary if you want to be able to build attraction and make her fall for you. You have to do your part and learn the best ways to communicate with a woman. Start taking actions to Change your social life forever! Get to genuine act now.

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