Premature ejaculation could very well be one of the most common problems plaguing the sexually active men of today’s world. It is the condition when the person ejaculates too soon, i.e. before the female partner reaches her climax. The male climax is obtained when there is the discharge of the seminal fluid from the penis during the sexual act. In men with premature ejaculation, this happens all too soon.

Naturally, one of the major problems with premature ejaculation is that is allows neither partner to enjoy the sexual act in a proper manner. The male is dissatisfied because he cannot hold out the pleasurable sensations of sexual contact for a longer period; and the female partner is satisfied because she doesn’t arrive at her sexual peak.

Though premature ejaculation is a condition when the male comes too soon, there is no limit as to how soon. That is to say, there is no fixed time limit before which it can be said that the man is suffering from premature ejaculation. An early definition of the case suggested that men who ejaculate within two minutes of the penetration are suffering from premature ejaculation; but this definition is now considered redundant because a staggering 50% of all men of the world young and old are known to ejaculate within this time frame, and in most of the cases the women are entirely satisfied.

The causes of premature ejaculation are too many to list completely. In young men who are trying out sex for the first time, there could be so much excitement that the discharge may occur too early. Sometimes, young men may be performing the sexual act secretly, and this would need them to ejaculate soon. This could become a habit in later life. The world over, premature ejaculation is found more in young men than in older men. Older men learn the tricks of the trade better and by exercising self-control, they are able to delay their ejaculations.

Men suffering from diseases such as diabetes also suffer from premature ejaculations, i.e. if they get an erection at all. Diabetes can make a man impotent. Mental stress and tensions also play a role in forcing the man to ejaculate before both the partners are fully aroused. Similarly, smokers are known to ejaculate prematurely while having sex. The usage of certain drugs therapeutic as well as narcotic can cause premature ejaculation in a person.

Since premature ejaculation is so widely rampant among males of today’s generation, there are also many suggestions available to rectify the situation. One of the important techniques used widely is the ‘squeeze’ technique. The male or the female partner arouses the penis by fondling it. When the discharge is just about to occur, the glans (i.e. head of the penis) is squeezed with the thumb and the forefinger. This avoids the semen from getting ejaculated, and the penis becomes limp as the blood gets disgorged out of it. After a minute or so, the penis is aroused again, and again squeezed when the man is about to ejaculate. Doing this a couple of times during each sexual act can increase the arousal value. Also when the male finally ejaculates, it will be a copious amount of semen.

All sexual experts emphasize the need of being totally stress-free when performing sex. When having sex, the person must concentrate just on the act and not on any worldly matters. By using mind-control, an experienced man can delay his ejaculation.

One more method is to masturbate just a few minutes before the sexual act. Masturbation relieves some of the sexual frustration. Also since an ejaculation has already occurred, the man will take a longer time to ejaculate when having sex with his female partner.

During the sexual act, more importance should be paid to foreplay. Foreplay means the arousal of the non-genital organs of the body, such as the nipples, earlobes, nape of the neck, thighs and basic contact with the skin itself. Prolong the penetration for as much time as possible and focus on other arousal centers of the body. Talking with the partner during sex is also a means to delay the actual ejaculation.

Alcohol was considered and is still considered by some to be a solution for premature ejaculation. The prime argument in its favor was that alcohol numbs the nerves, and so it can delay the ejaculation for some time. Now this is not true. Whether alcohol helps people with premature ejaculation or not, one fact stands and that is that alcohol is harmful for the basic health of the person. Hence one should be cautious what treatment he takes when sexual problems like premature ejaculation are concerned.

The most important thing about premature ejaculation is to remember that it is not a disease, but a dysfunction. So, no amount of medication can be used to ‘treat’ this condition. This is necessary advice for protection from quacks who swindle good sums of money from gullible young men. Just keep in mind that almost every man in the world feels that he has come too early in the sexual act, and that the act can be better if prolonged.

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