men sex vs women love why so

“Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” – Famous American author John Gray in his book has recorded that that men and women count (or score) the giving and receiving of love differently. So is it true that men want sex and women want love? If Yes, to what extent? This is a puzzle that human species couldn’t solve.

Many researches have been done by scientists across the globe in an attempt to explain this concept.

Why Men and Women Differ in Sex and Love

Research Says – “Blame it on Hormones”

Lust is regarded as the major push behind the craving for sex. The feeling for lust is driven by testosterone, the principal male sex hormone. Women have only a few amounts of it in their body, just adequate to ensure the requirement for reproduction. Researches have it that men have about 20 times more the amount of testosterone as compared to their female counterparts, thereby explaining their unceasing desire for sex. The machismo of Alexander the Great that won more than half of the world, Hitler’s dictatorship and Napoleon’s will power have all surrendered to of lust. This is something that makes the strongest men on earth go weak on their knees.

Womenfolk on the other hand are armed with huge amounts of oestrogen, the primary female sex hormones. This hormone is responsible for mankind’s requirement to nurture, guard and love. Since, they are supposed to be blessed with the joy of motherhood as many times as they choose to in their lives; they need these attributes to ensure survival of their children. Mother Nature has encoded womankind to need love from men. This is a kind of security they seek from menfolk to ensure adequate care for their offspring.

So if it is about men craving for more sex and women demanding love in a relationship more than sex, blame it all on hormones! This is one of science’s major explanations on why men yearn for sex and women crave for love. Now the question is whether today’s modern world where men and women work together, think alike and use advanced gadgets still approve of this ancient belief. It is natural to wonder if the human race still clings on to these ideals.

Causes of men sex vs women love

The Reality

With women considered as an important part of the society and given all luxuries that were once chartered for men only, the innate desires and aspirations are coming alive. Today, women seem to want as much sex as men. Women are denied nothing today. From the best of education to choice of remaining unmarried to a certain age, working in top rated companies and choosing life partners, women can lead life as they wish to. They are independent and can come out in open about their sexual fantasies and needs.

The feminist movement is in full swing. This means that the only reason women seemed to want more love than sex is because they were suppressed. The typical coy, hard-to-reach image was considered perfect in male dominated society. The pressure to appear as the perfect choice for partner forced them to pretend disinterest in sex. The truth is women want just as much sex as men and men need as much love as women. Since yearning for love is considered anti-macho they deny it.

Ancient mating rituals were based on choosing the strongest of men and the most fertile women. The weak were discarded by the society. However, today, the scenario has reversed. These days, marriages are possible for the physically disabled people and those with different sexual preferences.

why men like sex more than women love

To Sum Up

In earlier days, the basic mating ritual was carried our solely with the purpose of extension of human race. Today, population is no problem is most parts of the world. Hence, the concerns have changed. Today, men and women think, act and feel alike. There is no set rule for women to curb their sexual desire or men barred from displaying their need for love.

The choice depends on an individual. One should not be bound by what dictum society gives. The idea is to do what comes natural. If as a girl you think assurance of love is important before you have sex, you should not feel bad about it. In case, you don’t feel so, there is no need to feel bad about it as well. You are the owner of your senses. So live as you want to and do as you feel like. Celebrate womanhood and be proud of your desires and aspirations!

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