n have been told for as long as people have been able to converse where they have come from and what they can expect in the future. Although religion has taken the strongest stance in telling men where they have come from and where they are going, science has been standing up gradually and doing the similar.

Religion states that a force or being created men and that human were born the way they are nowadays. Science states that men are descended from primates, and that we have evolved from apes. However, regardless of what men believe, science has shown men that the human body is changing. DNA, or Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid, is responsible for controlling every aspect of the human body from beginning to death.

DNA is passed down from parents and into men, shaping whom they are based from where they come from and from the environment around them. Science has noted that DNA is slowly changing over the years based on exposure to the environment and changes in the way people live. It is maybe as well interesting to note that some medical conditions are as well passed down from parents into men and that their environments can improve or worsen their circumstances.

Global warming and the earth being damaged have also made a difference in the health of men as cancer and respiratory circumstances have become more prevalent. However, while all of these show that there has been lots of ways in how men have changed from the past, there is much speculation on the future for men and in what they can expect for their health. With each passing year, humans are becoming smarter and more efficient at doing things that a hundred years ago would have been thought to be a myth. The human skeletal frame is also changing, with the rib cage growing in length and making it less easy for men to bend over and be flexible.

The hands of men are as well changing, becoming more flexible and stronger with each passing generation. It is important to take note of all of these changes and to address any potential health circumstances. By men paying correct attention to their life and new information as it becomes available, the evolution of men can be anticipated and improved on for their health.

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