Male sexual dysfunction is a very common problem today. They know that their partners love to enjoy their long sex organ. For that they can go to any extent. And when they fail to make their partners happy they feel humiliated. They feel guilty. But they shouldn’t. They should go for treatment. There are treatments for everything. Erectile dysfunction can happen with anybody. But most of the men don’t understand this and try to hide their problem. And then they try to find the solution by themselves. This is very much harmful for human health.

Male sexual dysfunction – what is it? For any man as with any woman, good sexual health does of course mean the ability to have a satisfying sex life. However, there are issues that any man may have to contend with over the course of his life (possibly you included) that women don’t. First and foremost concerning male sexual dysfunction is the ability to have an erection and sustain it. Then you must be able to control it and determine the point of ejaculation.

Psychological or ‘psychogenic’ erectile dysfunction accounts for about 20 – 25% of impotence cases. It is brought about from anxiety, depression or even lack of a suitable partner. In these cases there is no apparent substantial somatic or organic impairment. In other words there is no physical damage which could be the cause of the sexual dysfunction.

Male impotence usually has an underlying medical condition that causes nerve or artery damage. Such damage can interfere with the nerve impulses that are needed to start and sustain an erection or with blood flow that is needed to engorge the tissues in the penis to make it erect. Diabetes, surgery, injuries, vascular diseases, kidney disease, and chronic alcoholism are some medical conditions that may cause impotence. Impotence brought about by the use of anti depression drugs and beta blockers to reduce blood pressure could be considered a subset of this section as could erectile insufficiency brought on by excessive alcohol intake.

There are many pills in the market which can supposedly work wonder for these problems. And most of the time men become confused of what is the best one to choose. According to the doctor and also a few surveys done regarding this, pills don’t do wonder. Those wonder pills are simply marketing strategy.

* Psychological Options for Male Sexual Dysfunction
If you think that your sexual dysfunction problems are psychological and you can’t figure out the underlying problem, or, simply don’t know how to deal with it then you should seek professional help. Enquire with your physician or other health professional if there is a highly recommended erectile dysfunction sex therapist in your area that could help.

* Mechanical Options for Impotence
For those men with erectile dysfunction problems there is a device which is essentially a vacuum pump which can be placed over the penis to help draw blood into it and thus create an erection. After an erection is achieved a rubber ring is placed at the base of the penis to help sustain the erection. Not a popular option and understandably so.

* Drug Options For Impotence
There would be few people in the world who have not heard of Viagra which has been very successful and helps about 7 out of 10 men to achieve an erection. In order to assess whether this is an option for improving your sexual vitality it is important to understand what it is, how and why it works.

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