When a pair is coated with the problems of reproduction and the concept is very shortsighted and medically inaccurate to assume that should always be the problem of women. Infertility in men is the cause of reproductive issues in about half the cases reported, so if you and your partner are having problems that conceive, you do well to investigate the common causes of infertility in men to handle these issues on time and fully. Here are the most common causes:

Low sperm account ‘most common reason for infertility in men

Yes, men typically have millions of sperm to produce during each relational encounter, however, that sperm is very fragile and very little actually survive the journey through the system of a woman to reach an egg to fertilize. This is why it is necessary to produce the millions! But in reality, any one sperm reaches an egg to fertilize it is like winning the lottery ‘there are millions of tickets sold, but it is unlikely that is the winner. So, take account of the lower normal sperm makes it that much more difficult for the concept occurs. Since this is the most common reason for infertility in men, chances are that a doctor would want to collect a sample of semen from a man to test the semen of other evidence before you.

Low mobility of sperm

A human being, journey through the system of a woman to reach the egg dropped by the fallopian tubes are tiny tubes. But the tiny microscopic sperm, it can be miles long! Any sperm that can not be pushed to get through the journey that will die off before they do so, and again, sperm is very fragile to begin with. The low mobility of the sperm can not be the most common reason for infertility in men, but it is quite common that again, the doctors want to control the capabilities of their “little swimmers” can sure make your trip longer. If not, alternative means of the concept may need to be explored.

Malformed sperm

If the sperm does not form properly can not propelled forward to the arduous journey, malformed sperm is a common reason for men infertility, and can also be one of the most common reasons for low mobility of sperm. However, it is important to remember that malformed sperm does not mean that a child conceived with it is going to somehow be malformed or that this is a cause for birth defects, simply means that again, there may need to be an alternative explore the concept that something that relying on the natural course of action.

Blocked sperm ducts

Many people mistakenly assume that every time a man ejaculate during relational activity, that it contains sperm. This is not necessarily true, only about 1-2% of the semen of a man is actually sperm. The frozen sperm ducts are another common reason for infertility in men; he has no sperm at all in the ejaculate in these cases.

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