In overcoming premature ejaculation, you can really and actually find solutions that you can actually do yourself. Most often, premature ejaculation can be something that most sufferers are embarrassed to talk about and thus, it remains untreated and can lead to strains in the relationship or may become more frustrating for the sufferer.

Finding ways in overcoming premature ejaculation should start with understanding why it happens. Most often, the factors that lead to premature ejaculation are psychological in nature, although several health problems can also lead to untimely ejaculation for men.

Psychological factors contribute mainly to premature ejaculation, thus many treatments also involve psychotherapy and some relaxation techniques to help you get calm. Here are some of the common treatments that you can do for this particular problem.

– The use of specialized condoms that are said to numb the penis is one option that is available for those who suffer from ejaculating prematurely. However, this option may also cause more problems as it lessens the pleasure not only for men but for their partners as well.

– Creams and pills are also available treatments for this particular sexual problem but like the condoms, they also make the sexual act less pleasurable as they lessen the sensitivity of the penis.

– Relaxation techniques and deep breathing. Overcoming premature ejaculation may be as simple as finding a good relaxation technique also. If one of the major causes of premature ejaculation is anxiety, for sure, any relaxation technique would be helpful. Learn meditation or some deep breathing exercises that can help you relax and relive tension. You can also seek help from a sex therapist for some advice on how to do guided meditation directed to overcome your ejaculation problems.

– Sex therapy. There are also a number of techniques that are used in sex therapy that are said to be effective in overcoming premature ejaculation. One technique that is commonly used is allowing the penis to relax when nearing orgasm and starting over again after a few minutes. This allows you to last longer in bed. Another technique popularly used in dealing with ejaculating prematurely is to firmly squeeze the penis to stop early ejaculation.

– Self hypnosis is another technique used in overcoming premature ejaculation. Most often, anxiety before sex as well as emotional problems can lead to ejaculating prematurely and self hypnosis is one way to address this issues. Self hypnosis is also a good way to help you relax which is also needed in dealing with this sexual dysfunction.

– Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are said to be beneficial in treating premature ejaculation by exercising your muscles responsible for controlling your ejaculation and by helping you gain more control of your pelvis. They are also said to be good for erectile dysfunction.

Indeed, premature ejaculation can be treated, but you also have to make sure that your choice of treatment will not also put you into harm. Remember also that safe and effective treatment also comes with patience.

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