premature ejaculation - erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction problem is faced by many men. Erectile dysfunction mainly caused in old age. But investigation by doctors said that erectile dysfunction faced by many youngsters. As they indulge them in sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction means no proper erection of penis while making love or sexual intercourse. There is no hardness in the penis.

During sexual intercourse man have ability to do but he fails as there is no proper erection of penis and man get frustrated and tired. Erectile dysfunction is also known as male impotence. Erectile dysfunction caused if there is something happen to your body or by some illness. Erectile dysfunction caused if there is deficiency of tissues in your body like nerve impulsive, spinal around penis and any injury. If there is the deficiency of testosterone then also create in problem of erection of penis. There are numerous reason of erectile dysfunction occurs like stress, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep and any work pressure. Erectile dysfunction also caused to excessive consume of alcohol, smoking and drugs. Erectile dysfunction caused when a person is over weight.

There are many pills are there to treat with erectile dysfunction like Viagra and other sex pills. Others treatments like therapies, acupuncture and massages. All these treatments are effective rather than to take antibiotics.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

There are some food lists to deal with erectile dysfunction

Foods to treat erection disorders

Take balanced diet. Nutritious diets give you energy and provide proper blood circulation to the penis as well as to other body parts.

Foods that are rich in amino acid are good to overcome from erection problem like meat, water fish, milk and products made of milk.

foods of amino acids

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by discrepancy of zinc. Make usage of zinc food or zinc pills are also available in the market.

Exercises, yoga and meditation these are the three methods which are very useful to cure erectile dysfunction. Practicing yoga also gives relaxation to your mind and provides proper blood circulation to the body. By doing meditation also increase you confidence and lessen your stress and depression. Also keep four days gap of sexual intercourse.

Avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking and consume water as much as you can. Take at least 8 to 10 glass of water in a day.

Avoid high cholesterol or fat food. Consume fibers or raw vegetables and fresh fruits like legumes and meats.

Give regular massages to your body and penis with herbal oils. Consume herbal preparation it will help you to erect for long time and as well as to over all health.

Herbs to treat erectile dysfunction

There are also some herbs which treat the erectile dysfunction

Ashwagandha is the well known herb it helps in erection dysfunction. Consuming of ashwgandha herb is very effective and also increases the stamina of sexual intercourse and also gives energy.

ashwaganda for erectile dysfunction

Ginkgo is also an herb which cures from erectile dysfunction. It is an herb which provides proper blood circulation to the penis. There are many more herbs which are treating with any problem related to sexual dysfunction.

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