Care of hair should be taken properly to the avoid dandruff and pattern baldness. Hair loss is the first outcome of the improper hair care, which gradually leads to the pattern baldness (Alopecia). Nowadays due to the unhealthy lifestyle that we are following is the major reason behind the hair loss problem. We take a good care of our health by indulging in the daily exercise routine and forget to take the hair care. Many times you must have noted that people with good physique generally have a bad hair quality this is because of the negligence to the hair care.

Due to the hair loss issues men and women face the problems like lack of self confidence, self esteem, and embarrassment while facing social gatherings, sometimes they feel depressed due to the hair loss. There are various treatments for the hair loss available in the market, but no need to go for them. You can resolve the problem of hair loss simply by taking the good care of hair.

Hair care tips for men and women are as follows:

1.  Don’t wash the hairs too many times. This weakens your hairs and promotes the hair loss. Remember washing the hairs twice or thrice in week is advisable, but doing more than that may harm your hair growth and may damage the hair follicles. So, for good hair care wash your hairs properly with some herbal shampoo or conditioner.

2.  Avoid using dryers to dry the wet hair. The blow of the hot hair loosens the hair from the base and may promote the hair loss. If you want to dry the hairs use the soft towel and don’t dry them forcefully. You can use the dryer buy don’t take a hot air on your hairs and keep the flow of air very low. This way you will not affect the normal stature of the hairs.

3.  Oiling the hair too much is not good for the hair health. The oil gets filled in the hair follicles and disturbs the nutrient supply to the hairs. This way the hair loss is being promoted and in a year you will face the problem of baldness. Using hair is good for hair, but is required amount. You can put the oil on your hairs alternate days. This would be great to promote hair growth. Follow this hair care tip in daily routine to have good quality hairs.

4. This hair care tips is specifically for the women,  don’t use the too jammed comb to comb the hairs  because it may get damage your hairs by making them weaken from their roots. You will notice too many hairs in the comb. So, please use the proper suitable comb for the hairs. Even men need to follow this tip, but as there hairs are small less hair loss is noted in men.

5.  Massage to the hairs twice in a week  either by almond oil or by some hair conditioner is recommended hair care tip. This helps to regulate the blood supply in the hair follicles and improves the nutrient flow to the hairs. The hair growth is being boosted by doing the hair massage regularly for about 2 to 3 months.

6.  The most important hair care tips is to avoid using chemical based shampoos and conditioners  for the hairs. As per the scientific studies these are noted to be the cause of hair loss issues in many people. This hair care tip should be followed strictly and please use any herbal or natural shampoos for hairs. With the help of these natural products your hairs are nourished and hair growth is boosted.

These are the simple hair care tips that will help you to maintain your hair at optimum condition and would avoid the problems like weakening of hairs and pattern baldness.

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