In Hollywood, there are many actors who are deemed healthy because of their chiseled bodies and well built physique. But in reality, only a few celebrities embody the real essence of being healthy, which involves not only the physical, but the mental and emotional aspect as well. Men ‘s Health Magazine has found its ideal representation in Grey ‘s Anatomy ‘s Eric Dane.

On the May issue of Men ‘s Health Magazine, the Grey ‘s Anatomy star known by fans as “McSteamy,” straightforwardly speaks about his lifestyle, most especially his healthy outlook in life. Even though he is engulfed in fame and stardom because of his exposure on the ABC ‘s hit show Grace Anatomy, he remains to be grounded and unassuming.

Like many actors, Dane aspires to remain in the limelight as much as he can.

While he doesn ‘t have an intricate plan to strategize his stay in the entertainment industry, he has a philosophy, which he believes and practice.

Nowadays, the showbiz world is full of pressure and has become chaotic more than ever. However, he claims that he deals with everything with a positive attitude and makes choices that are geared towards endurance. And although he is ambitious, he doesn ‘t want to put stress on himself in setting specific goals to his career, which just might disappoint him if things turn out otherwise. He has also revealed that part of what makes him wholesome and healthy is the fact that he deals with situations as they come and just adapt with the life ‘s changes.

Before Dane landed the role of Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey ‘s Anatomy, he has been on shows like Saved by the Bell, Married with Children and The Wonder Years.

His film credits include Serving in Silence, Helter Skelter, The Basket, Sol Goode, Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane and Feast Open Water 2.

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