Dealing with Post Partum and postnatal Depression 123

If you are a new mom, then it is quite natural that you have lost all your sleep and peace of mind taking care of your baby. The entire experience of joy of motherhood also includes terrible tiredness and fatigue. Looking after the new found responsibility can take a toll on your personal grooming. The stressful lifestyle and changes in the body can lead to depression. Medically referred to as ‘postpartum depression’, it can affect your health adversely.

Postpartum depression is also known to be a common complication that occurs post pregnancy. You can speak to your doctor and get some advice on medications and therapies to deal with post partum depression. Some doctors may advice medications and psychotherapy.

Postpartum depression (PPD), also called postnatal depression, is a type of clinical depression which can affect both sexes after childbirth. Symptoms may include sadness, low energy, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, reduced desire for sex, crying episodes, anxiety, and irritability.

There are some natural ways to deal with postpartum depression.

How to Deal with Post Partum Depression Naturally?

Coping with Postnatal Depression

Enlisted below are some tips to fight postpartum depression in a natural way:

Breathing Techniques

It is important that you practice breathing exercises. This helps in controlling your emotions effectively. You can even control your heart rate and lower the blood pressure via breathing exercises.


This is something that you need to start as soon as your doctor gives the green signal. The sooner, the better! This is because your emotional quotient can be raised by indulging in regular exercises. This will also help you get back in shape. Exercises can eliminate the adrenaline hormone from circulation and augment endorphins (mood elevators) secretion.

Dealing with Post Partum and postnatal Depression


It is true that you have been busy taking care of your baby and giving soothing massages to him. But did you know you need some soothing and healing touch to your body? Massages are the best way to pamper your depressed body. It helps rejuvenate your dull and prosaic life form and fills you with renewed energy. Massages are soothing and helps relax your mind and body. It also helps you get rid of negative feelings and thoughts.


One of the major reasons that triggers post partum depression is inadequate nutrition. After delivery, nutrition tends to take a backseat since the mom is busy spending time taking care of the tiny babies. But you must find time to take care of your health. Get a diet rich in folic acids, calcium, iron, proteins, manganese, fats, magnesium, and carbohydrates. You must also get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet. So try to include foods like nuts, fishes, flaxseeds etc. on a daily basis.

Sleep Well

This may be difficult especially if you are a nursing mother. The baby may not let you sleep through the night. So the best way to get adequate sleep is when your baby rests. You must try to get some sound sleep. You may get a help from outside to look after your baby or let family members look after the baby to help you enjoy uninterrupted sleep for some hours. Remember that sleep is highly essential for a new mom.

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