It’s finally happened! – A powerful new anti wrinkle cream for men recently came onto the market that actually gets to the root of wrinkle prevention and reduction issues.

Over the years men have been a bit left out in the cold when it comes to men’s wrinkle cream. Wrinkles on a mans face were in the past regarded as a sign of masculinity, so not much emphasis was placed on men’s skin care products.

However, things have changed… these days younger men in particular want nice smooth skin as long as possible to give them a more youthful appearance. Gone are the days when a face full of wrinkles was regarded as a handsome look. Even older men with wrinkles are looking for a way of reducing their number and depth.

Now a small New Zealand company has come up with some new innovative skin care cream substances that prevent and reduce wrinkles by getting down to the root of the problem. Two substances collagen and elastin represent approximately 30% of your body’s proteins, and they are the main reason for your skin keeping its smoothness.

Unfortunately, as you get older these proteins deplete causing fine lines and wrinkles, this usually happens around your late thirties to mid forties. It makes sense that if you can maintain your levels of collagen and elastin your skin will not wrinkle as much. Now there is a simple cost effective way to accomplish this.

Most skin creams in this New Zealand company’s range of men’s wrinkle creams, contain substances that can penetrate through your top layer of skin (epidermis) deep down to where your collagen and elastin matrix exist.

One of the ingredients widely used is functional keratin a new nano form of natural keratin. Keratin is a protein with the capacity to stimulate collagen and elastin re-growth, thereby creating new skin cells. Naturally more skin cells results in thicker plumper skin, which in turn goes a long way to maintaining your skins condition and reduces existing wrinkles.

Another more commonly known substance used in most of their skin creams is CoQ10. However they have their own unique version called Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 a special nano-emulsion form of CoenzymeQ10. Once again this ingredient is capable of getting deep down to the collagen and elastin matrix to stimulate and produce more skin cells.

Naturally, you would expect an anti wrinkle cream for men to include moisturizing natural oils, emollients and antioxidant ingredients to hydrate, smooth and help protect sensitive skin. Many men are susceptible to razor rash, inflammation and dry skin irritation. Therefore, it’s important to use a men’s wrinkle cream that has ingredients that can help in these areas and also maintain the health of your skin.

At my website, I discuss more anti wrinkle cream for men ingredients and substances that you may be interested to learn about. Men should expect to look their best, now and in the future by incorporating a simple daily skin care routine.

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