While there are many health issues that are universal concerns for men, women and children,

there are also a variety of health concerns that specifically to men and affect a man’s

overall health. Issues such as arthritis, heart disease, prostate cancer and other forms of

cancer, sexual health and vigor all comprise the top concerns men face today. And,

unfortunately, most, but not all, are age related.

As a man ages he is subject to several conditions that can affect his mortality. The most

common cause of morbidity in the aging man is cardiovascular disease, be it heart attack or


The second leading cause of death is cancer, and we currently do not know exactly why. This

may be due to the oxidative stress that our bodies are under, and the inability of our diets

to provide us with enough antioxidants to combat these effects. This all get worse as we get

older, in particular, prostate cancer seems to be on the rise. The cause of this is

uncertain. Part of it may be related to improvements made in early diagnosis of the disease.

There is an obvious correlation with prostate cancer and aging.

Men suffer drastic hormonal changes as we get older, usually after the age of 35. Prostatic

enlargement known as BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) is becoming the fastest growing

health concern men face today. BPH is in large part related to hormonal changes that occur

with aging which relates to male hormonal function (androgens). Significant BPH can lead to

obstruction of urinary function and potential renal failure if untreated. BPH has been

reported in over 90% of men over the age of 85, although it is relatively uncommon before

the age of 35.

The incidence and prevalence of osteoarthritis increase as we age as well. Painful swollen

joints, caused by the deterioration of cartilage between bones occur, as well as decreased

pain free range of motion.

But, as we mentioned earlier, not all health issues are age related. Men, in their youth

and prime, are very active. Maintaining that level energy and vigor is of great concern to

men of all ages. A well rounded, nutritionally balanced diet is essential to a man’s

readiness and ability to perform well, on the field, court even in the bedroom.

It just makes sense that better nutrition consumption would results in better performance, and nutritional deficiencies can often result in poor performance, decreased endurance, early fatigue, or inability to perform to your optimal levels of activity.

maintaining adequate amounts of vitamins and antioxidants It is essential to optimal health and vitality. B vitamins help minimize the risk of heart disease and stroke by decreasing levels of homocysteine. Antioxidants are important to combat the diseases of aging, to minimize oxidation of cholesterol (which can lead to heart attack) and to maintain proper immune function.

Any active male should be very watchful of there dietary intake. The research shows that strenuous athletic activity and or exercise can and will rapidly deplete the essential nutrient your body needs to perform daily functions properly. IN these cases,

vitamins, minerals and other supplements may be necessary to help improve performance.

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