1. Financial Stability – Middle of the Road

Maintaining a middle class to upper class status is important in the journey to a blissful life. The middle and upper classes have opportunities to avoid issues that otherwise arise in lower class households.


Having a little more money then what you need to live a comfortable simple life is as essential as knowing whether you are living inside or outside of your financial means.

Savings and Investments

Financial stability is not obtainable unless you have a respectable amount of savings and investments. On average experts suggest saving 10% or more of your income for retirement while still having a comfortable amount in savings for emergencies and unforeseen costs that may arise.

College Education

Over the course of a lifetime, a graduate of a two-years college earn about $275,000 more than someone with only a high school diploma. The greater earning potential you have the greater likelihood you will be able to own, save and invest.


Financial security is vastly influenced by the reserves you set aside for hard times. While this is more of an addition to the criterion for middle class status, it does help financial stabilize your life.

Limited Debt

The increase of credit card debt in the US is growing at alarming rates. As long as you are in severe to mild debt, financial freedom is at a distance.

Health Insurance

Unexpected injuries or illnesses can destroy your family’s financial future. These sudden medical bills are a growing reason for the unprecedented levels of credit card debt in the US.

Pitfalls of Lower

The above requirements for financial stability are far less likely to be obtained by those in the lower income class range, but are not entirely out of reach. Those with lower class income simple need to work smarter and structure their earning and needs more efficiently.

2. Health and Wellbeing

Your health and the health of your loved ones have an enormous impact in your life. Whether the health problems are mental health related or physical, such hindrances in the quality of your life can decimate your chances at finding a true state of bliss.

See Your Physician

The average healthy American should regularly see a doctor to screen for diseases, assess risks of future medical problems, encourage a healthy lifestyle, update vaccinations and maintain a relationship with a doctor in the event of an illness.


Men should perform a monthly testicular self-exam and women should perform a monthly breast exam. Women should also have a yearly pelvic exam and Pap smear to check for cervical cancer and other disorders.

Mental Illness

Even if you suffer from the slightest form of depression, you need to take action and take control of your life by treating your mind. Whether you choose psychological counseling, group therapy or psychiatric treatment for you mental illness this treatment is very important in creating a blissful future for yourself. You can not admit stability in your life unless there is stability in your mind.

Physical Illness

While not all physical illnesses are treatable, many illnesses are very treatable. If you experience any abnormalities with your health, seek a physician immediately. Whether you find a lump during your monthly exam, have a sharp pain in your chest or have a significant decrease in appetite, any and all sudden changes in your health and body should be assumed as a possible health risk factor.

3. A Career to Live for

Some surveys reveal that nearly ninety percent of Americans hate their jobs. Since the average person works eight hours a day, this equates to one-third of these Americans lives spent in misery. Having a career you love, are passionate about and that inspires you is crucial in having a blissful life. Are there ways to make your job less stressful by taking the initiative to problem solve issues in your department that could result in a more organized and balanced atmosphere? Can you talk other employees into standing up for your solutions to fortify your argument for change? If you can not change where you work, perhaps you can change how you work. Companies thrive on efficiency; if you can provide solutions to increase efficiency you could enable change in your working atmosphere. Great lives are sustained by great ideas.

Career Income Limitations

If you have found yourself in a career that just doesn’t pay enough there are solutions out there to still allow you a change at a blissful life. If you make under $40,000 as a single person and your job does not offer good benefits, perhaps it is time to start shopping for a better deal. Even if you will earn the same amount per year with another company, but that company has far better benefits then you currently receive, then you are coming out ahead. Company benefit packages vary company to company. Compare you current company benefits with that of its competitors.

The Right Reasons

Some choose a profession because a parent was successful in that field. Some choose a profession because of the expected earnings associated with that field. These are the most common reasons young people base their career choice on, and these reasons will almost always result in a occupation they will loath later in life. The career necessity in creating a blissful life can be obtained by choosing a career which you can see yourself making a difference. Whether this difference is through helping others improve their lives or helping a company extend their reach to the consumer, having and endless stream of obtainable goals, a genuine passion and a strong sense of purpose are the qualities that make a career life-sustaining.

4. Avocation

Whether you engage in recreational activities or hobbies alone or with your children, pets, significant other, friends or family, activities you enjoy external to your work are essential for a blissful life. While avocations can be related to your career, it is best to choose side-projects not associated with your work as this can lead to your hobbies feeling like more of a chore then a choice.

5. Love – Sweet and Simple

Bliss and love go hand in hand, but it is not one form of love you need to seek and obtain in life to be blissful, but rather several. Bliss is not a feeling that is obtainable alone; though contentment is a possibility for those who are not blessed with a wide rang of love. While conditional love is acceptable for a blissful life, unconditional love is more majestic and will bring along with it a stronger sense of stability and completion.

Significant Other

A significant other can be a spouse or an individual in which you are in a committed and loving relationship. For those who are married, marriage is complex and demands a great deal of care and maintenance. For a successful marriage you both need to be aware of each others needs and the importance of those needs. Just because certain needs are not important to you, does not mean they are not substantially important to your spouse. To find mutually acceptable solutions first you have to know what problems are being experienced and the root of those problems. Spending time is essential to every marriage. With out spending a good amount of time with your spouse you can not sufficiently meet their emotional needs or have regular open and honest conversations.

Non-marital committed relationships function nearly identical to marriages. You both need to meet each others emotional needs, regularly have open and honest communications, protect each others feeling and spend quality time together.


Children are a blessing and evoke a form of love that has no rival. To have a little being that unconditionally loves you, cherishes you, depends on you and turns to you for protection and guidance creates a
sense of purp
ose that warms your heart for a lifetime. If you do not currently have a loving relationship with your children due to past events and disputes, reslving these disputes should be a priority in your life.


If your children are your world, a family pet may not be a necessity for a blissful life. If you grew up with pets or have a strong connection with animals there may always be a void in your heart, even after you have children, for a little friend who will always need your care. In the case of those who have a profound connection with their pets, who see their pets as though they are their children, there may be no necessity for children during the lifespan of the pet.


Having a loving relationship with your family is very important for a blissful life especially with parents. Regardless of your history with your parents, a bond was formed that can never be broken. Because of this bond, if you are not close to your parents or are not on good terms, there will always be a void within your being demanding fulfillment. Siblings are also very important when it comes to your requirement for love. Sibling rivalry is common amongst almost all households, but as you grow older and wiser, these are the times to forgive childish actions and get to know each other for the people you are today.


It goes with out saying that our friends are our emotional foundation throughout our lives. Without our friends we could never truly know ourselves. An individual should have at least one best friend and several very good friends who all reflect your interests in some form or another.


To love thyself, is to look into the mirror, look into your mind and look into your soul and know you are the best “you” that you can be. You should never expect someone to love you if you do not love yourself. While looking at yourself you will see aspects about yourself you may not like, and some of these you can not change. Take comfort in the things you can not change for they are your identity. These unchangeable aspects are your history, they tell your story, good or bad.

6. Faith

Faith can mean many things to many people. No matter what you have faith in, God, karma, destiny, universal law, science and so forth, faith is vital in achieving the requirements listed throughout this article. With out faith in something, or at least faith in you, such goals are unobtainable. Faith if the foundation of life, it is what you know, what you believe and what you have considered.

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