Learn health care for a mans prostate. What special diets and life style support a healthy prostate. Over half of all men over 50 have an enlarged prostate.

Prostate problems all too often and effect a mans activities and all ages can be effected. Men often know a lot more about a womens cycle than they do about their own sexual health. However, problems with a mans prostate as just as common that with womens period cycle issues.

Some of the symptoms with men with prostate problems are difficulty in urination with increased frequency of urination. Painful urination and having to get up at night to urinate are other symptoms. Pain in the lower back is another sign of possible prostate issues.

When a man ages, it is usual for the prostate gland to become bigger. This condition of enlarged prostate “benign prostatic hyperplasia” or BPH. For some men this causes no problems but for some the prostate enlarges and this causing the prostate gland to press inward against the urethra narrowing the space for urine to flow. The bladder wall can become thicker and irritable causing more frequent urination. Eventually some urine remains in the bladder A doctor can diagnose an enlarged prostate during a finger prostate exam.

About 400,000 men in the USA have prostate surgery each year costing over $2 Billion a year.

Experts in diet strongly recommend that a good diet and exercise routine help in preventive and treatment of prostate problems. THe general recommendations are to reduce red meat and saturated fat in the diet and eat more fruit and vegetables. Drinking more water rather that coke and a good exercise program are essential both for prostate care and leading a better, healthier and happier life.

The three nos are cigarettes, booze and high fat foods. Research has shown that aerobic exercise such as jogging, dancing or swimming can improve the state your your prostate.

Men who walked for two to three hours per week were 25 percent less likely to develop prostate problems than those who did little walking. Just 20 minutes walking a day is a little time to put aside for increased health benefits and more energy and as a side benefit better sexual function.

The good news is that lovemaking a few times a week helps your prostate due to the action of the semen and prostate function.

It is important to see your doctor regularly for a prostate check up. They can test for some hormones that rise as a result of prostate cancer.

There are good pharmaceutical medicines are available from your doctor to improve the symptoms of prostate enlargement. The good news is that there are also effective natural therapies, which include the use of time-tested herbs.

Traditionally, several herbs have been used in prostate support. These include Saw Palmetto,and Nettle. Some plant extracts that have also been studied and have indicated in studies to be effective and they include beta sitosterol, genistein, daidzein and lycopene. A good naturopath can recommend several good supplements for prostate care.

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