Reasons of becoming divorcee - what causes divorce in marriage

Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. Some couples also resort to staying separately with any legal obligations. They do so with mutual agreement and amicable settlement after discussing with their families.

Is your marriage soon going to experience such a dead end?

Know What Causes Divorce

Here are 5 signs that suggest you marriage is on the fast track to divorce:

If the dynamics in your marriage fit these patterns, chance of divorce is high:

The Start-up is Harsh

Conversations are important in a marriage. However, if they start harshly and reach a state of accusations, sarcasm, criticism or offensive comments, the conversations are dangerous for your marriage.

Lack of Respect Lead to Break-up

Lack of respect for your partner will lead to a dangerous turn for your marriage in the long term. After all, how long can you be with someone whom you don’t respect?

Pile Up

Piling up on the feelings of contempt, hatred, remorse, and sarcasm against your spouse can be fatal for your relationship. If you have been constantly thinking of the mistakes he has committee, the problems he has, his negative attitude, flaws and the fights between you, the marriage is not going to work.

Reasons of becoming divorcee - what causes divorce

Body Language Cause Split

There are times when one or both partners in a relationship become overwhelmed. This results in many physiological changes in the body such as increase in blood pressure, increased heart rate, a secretion of adrenaline etc. The changes inhibit the ability to effectively resolve conflict.

Failed Attempts to Resolve and Repair

The chances of divorce increase if your partner and you fail to resolve an issue consistently. Resolution of a conflict is extremely important for a healthy relationship. In case, you find out that none of you are interested in repairing what has been damaged, the relationship has already ended. It just needs an official funeral ceremony.

Remember, lack of concern and disrespect in a marriage are warning signs that your marriage demands attention. Avoiding conflicts may lead to a lot of troubles in the near future.

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