For women and men skin care products should cover three basic principles; prevention, protection and individualized care.   Natural skin care for men can cover all of these concepts.   In fact, natural compounds and extracts are the best ingredients for the skin ‘s health.  

Below, we briefly cover what to look for in men skin care products.   But, remember that skincare, like any other kind of healthcare, is a long subject and you can never have too much information.   Knowledge is the key to natural skin care for men.   This should be just enough to get you started down the road to healthier, better looking skin.

Prevention Principle

To prevent future problems, such as disease, age spots, blemishes and wrinkles, there are several things that we must do.   First, there are some things to avoid.   Overexposure to the sun and smoking do more damage than just about anything else.   But, some of the common ingredients found in women and men skin care products can also do damage.

You should always avoid harmful substances, such as irritants, allergens, toxins and carcinogens.   There is a long list of chemical ingredients that fall into those categories, so I ‘ll only mention the most common ones; perfumes, preservatives and mineral oils.

Perfumes and preservatives are the two most common allergens, but many are toxic and some are known carcinogens.   Mineral oil and its derivatives include petrolatum, petroleum jelly, paraffin, liquid paraffin and paraffin wax.   If you look at many some so-called natural skin care for men, you are likely to see at least one of those ingredients.

The only preservative that should be included in women or men skin care products is natural vitamin E, but most companies use parabens.   If a parabens or fragrance is listed as an ingredient, don ‘t buy it.  

Mineral oils found in men skin care products do more harm than good.   They inhibit skin regeneration, clog pores and lead to excessive dryness.

Protection Principles

In order to protect the deepest of the skin ‘s layers from damage, premature aging and disease, you need moisture, nutrients and protection from the sun.   Natural skin care for men should include all of these things, but I m not talking using sunscreen on a daily basis.   That can lead to vitamin D deficiencies.  

If you will spend more than 15 minutes in direct sunlight on a given day, you should use a zinc oxide sun block.   Titanium dioxide has recently been listed as a possible carcinogen, but it is commonly found in natural skin care for men and women, because it is a naturally occurring substance.   To protect from the sun, men skin care products should include vitamin B-5 and coenzyme Q10.  

For moisture, the best choices are vitamin E, essential fatty acids, grape seed oil and Babassu wax.   You can see that the use of these protective and moisturizing ingredients also supply nutrients.

Individualized Care Principle

If you have wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, psoriasis, eczema, excessive dryness, dermatitis or another condition, then you may need specific ingredients.   For example, the best natural skin care for men with dermatitis is a protein peptide, such as ??Functional Keratin ?.   That ‘s a brand name.   Other forms of keratin are not as effective.

If you shop carefully and do a little research about the ingredients in a product, you will see that men skin care products can address all of the issues mentioned here, naturally.      

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