So here is the story. I crashed a dirtbike. I know its a short one, but why bore you with details that you really dont need to know? Why is it that when we get power in our hands, we attempt to use it to the fullest. It’s as if we will never have it again. Lets get out of that habit, it hurts.

Moving along with the story, I clearly needed some therapy for the injuries that I suffered in the accident. So I went to my physiotherapist and asked her what we should do. We did all the massaging and ultra sounds, and then it happened… We did the acupuncture therapy. OH what a feeling!

Its a little wierd at first, becuase they stick a bunch of needles all over your body. Apperently, every spot on our bodies is connected with some sort of feeling. Clearly, I chose the spots labelled “happy”. So I am laying there, needles all over my body, in silence, and i catch myself thinking about childhood memories of playing football with my dad! Our subconscious minds are truly amazing.

Once again though, back to my story. Now, my physiotherapist is located in the heart of downtown Calgary. For those not familiar with Calgary, it’s just a city with to much traffic. So I’m in my “happy” state after the therapy, and I’m driving home in rush hour traffic. This is how good acupuncture works – I was in a lineup 3 miles long of traffic, LETTING PEOPLE MERGE!

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