Painkiller addiction is common nowadays. It is heard here and there often. Since painkillers are used mainly as medicine, it is not hard for addicts to get them. Causes of painkiller addiction are mainly of two types, sometimes it can be intentional and sometimes, people who are prescribed with painkillers by doctors get physically dependant on it. Whatever the reason of addiction may be, the effect is same for all. And since painkillers are easily available and legal, the painkiller addicts do not have to face any problem getting their pills. According to surveys it has also been confirmed that, people nowadays get addicted to painkillers more than cocaine or heroine. It is surely shocking, isn’t it?

Addiction to painkiller starts mainly from the doctor’s prescription. Due to injuries or illness, people often end up having chronic pain and the treatment is done by prescribing painkillers. The addiction starts when the initial dose does not work anymore and higher dose of painkillers are given to the patient. Slowly, the person gets physically too much dependant on painkillers and that leads to its addiction. People who realize that they are slowly addicted to the painkillers take necessary steps to get away from it and for the others who are totally under the control of painkillers; the only way of cure is getting treatment from a rehabilitation center.

The painkiller addiction symptoms are however very pleasing for the addicts. Some known symptoms are sleeping for long period, feeling high, hallucination etc. All of these effects of painkiller draw the person towards addiction more and more. Without getting proper dose the addicts feel restless, they suffer from insomnia. Withdrawal effects can also cause diarrhea, anxiety, muscle pain etc. Some other withdrawal symptoms are hot and cold sweat, excessive yawning, depression and watery eyes.

The best way to get rid of this addiction is to get admitted in a painkiller rehab. A rehab can provide all the proper treatments necessary for the withdrawal. While the treatment procedure, the medical staffs of the particular rehab must treat the addiction along with the pain that forces the person to take painkiller. Rehabilitation experts have also confirmed that the withdrawal effects of painkiller can be lethal. Proper care of the addicts must be taken during the treatment period. The treatment must be conducted very slowly using the right kind of medicine for the patients.

One of the most important factors for proper rehabilitation is the patient’s mental strength. During the withdrawal period of this drug, various mental and physical problems show up. The medical staffs should give immense support to the patients while rehabilitation.

Hundreds of painkiller rehabs have grown up all over the world. There are some free painkiller rehabs and some private rehabs. The free rehabs cannot provide all the facilities that are needed for proper rehabilitation; whereas, painkiller addiction treatment in the private drug rehabilitation centers are done very carefully. Most of the private rehabs consist of world class, experienced medical staffs and the treatment programs conducted in those rehabs are also exceptional.


  1. I was just wondering on shows such as Drug Inc. and others how they can show the process of drugs and people handling them. Also, they show people engaging in illicit activities. Are they granted immunity or what?

  2. I know many are going say nothing but bad things about Marijuana, and I personally feel that Marijuana is on track with alcohol, so it’s not healthy and if made legal would cause issues with people, but going forward after reviewing the CNBC Documentary “Marijuana Inc.”… it only seems like a no brainer that keeping Marijuana off the market is promoting our current market woes.

    After all, in California’s Emerald Triangle virtually everyone there grows it, with nearly every other home growing it for “Medicinal Purposes” that they now have Hash Coffee Bars in Oakland where you can sample the four different varieties in public, and buy all kinds of other products legally while your kids have a smoothie while they wait.

    Then to consider all the billions of dollars that go untaxed and then all the tax money just under a billion dollars on enforcement that can’t keep, as the DEA Helicopter pilot in the documentary said, back in the old days (not even a decade ago) they would spend a day finding three or four grows. Now they can find a a grow site in California within minutes, and they don’t waste their time with small operations, only focusing on larger illegal sites and national parks.

    When a country is spending tons of resources on battle not being won, and billions, maybe even in the hundreds of billions is virtually going untaxed, even making a case about the dangers of Marijuana, we as America should get back to our capitalist roots, and if a free market fixes stuff, we should let this market be free to save not only our tax money, but our economy. At least on the argument that if we can have alcohol, perhaps we should not limit another big money maker.

    They all ready have magazines and a University course in Cali on how to grow this stuff, how to manage your business and such.

    What do you think?

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