Raw Organic Milk Versus Brand Name Store Bought Milk

Raw milk. Many people hear that and immediately associate it with bacteria. The fact is raw organic milk not only supplies you with the calcium and vitamin D that your body needs, it even acts as a medicine to cure many ailments. Those of you who have labeled yourself as “lactose intolerant” can now take those words out of your vocabulary. I always labeled myself as having this problem until I started making healthier choices for myself. I switched to organic food and products two years ago and my life has become better because of it. Raw milk has also become part of my diet.

I dealt with stomach problems for many years. There was actually a period of about two years when I would have an upset stomach after practically anything I ate. I lost too much weight and started to lose some of my hair due to malnourishment. I tried to include more fiber in my diet and that helped a little but not completely. I avoided milk products all together, which was difficult for a cheese lover and I switched to organic food. My stomach problems became non-existent. I didn’t miss milk but I knew I should be drinking it for nutritional purposes.

I can honestly tell all of you who are on a “diet” that this is not skim milk but it will not make you gain weight. Skim milk is a crock. The chemical filled and nutritionally deprived products that people consume make them gain weight because the toxins don’t allow the body to properly get rid of waste. That is why fat gathers in certain areas of the body and not others. Fat free, low fat, no carbohydrates, rah, rah, rah, it’s all a joke. All you need to do is eat and drink organic to maintain a healthy weight that will not fluctuate. You can have chocolate, chips- anything you choose as long as it’s organic. Counting calories and factoring fat content will be a thing of the past. You’ll think back at all the times you did this and laugh realizing how ridiculous it was. The media and doctors have everyone obsessed with this pattern of thinking while they’re telling you to eat foods that are full of toxins as long as they’re low fat or fat free, etc. It’s time to take control of your own health because no one is going to do it for you.

Why don’t we hear more about the benefits of raw organic milk? You need to search for these benefits because they’re certainly not advertised. The brand name companies that provide mass quantities of milk to grocery stores would be out of business if everyone stopped buying it, so it doesn’t benefit them to tell you about it. It doesn’t benefit doctors to tell their patients because they wouldn’t be able to prescribe you with the medicine that’s pushed on them by drug companies. Pharmaceutical companies in turn wouldn’t be raking in the revenue they’ve grown so accustomed to. Small businesses like farms would benefit, but their voice is smaller. Most farms sell raw organic milk by word of mouth rather than advertisements.

Raw milk should be from grass fed cows only. It should also be certified as organic because it is tested for safety on a regular basis and it is tested randomly without notice. If the bacteria count in the milk is too high, the seller’s license is taken away until it is tested again and approved. This is not to say that this milk is not healthy if it has a high bacteria count as most farmers would still drink it themselves, but these are the rules.

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