Injuries are probably the most common health problem. From a simple cut or bruise to severe and life threatening concussion, all injuries have the potential of resolving completely by the knowledgeable use of the homeopathic medicine Arnica.

Knowledgeable use means that you not only need to know the right medicine, but also the potency (strength) and frequency of dose.

Home prescribers of homeopathic medicine can do a huge amount of good with the low potencies available to them. But it doesn’t mean, that when, say, Arnica stops working, that it is no longer required. A higher (or lower) potency may be needed. Or more (or less) frequent doses may be needed.

Only someone professionally trained will know the answers to these puzzles.

But as a general rule of thumb:

  • the more recent the injury, the fewer the doses
  • the more distant the injury the lower the potency
  • the more distant the injury, the more frequent the doses
  • the more serious the injury, the higher the potency
  • the more serious the injury, the more frequent the doses

Repeating a dose should occur when the effect of the last dose wears off. This is normally experienced by a return of the old pain/symptom or a plateauing of the improvement.

Dosing more frequently will generally not show up as an improvement, making novice home prescribers believe it no longer works.

Although minor injuries can be easily and completely resolved by homeopathic home prescribers, the more serious ones are best left to a professional homeopath. This doesn’t mean you can’t start off the treatment by using Arnica immediately, as this will always have a positive effect.

I once fell off my roof, while doing some essential repairs before a forecast windy night. Although it was only a fall of about three metres, I landed on concrete.

I don’t know what I did to myself, and I wasn’t about to find out by waiting. Although in shock, I crawled into the house, found my bottle of Arnica, always kept in a handy location, and dosed myself.


Initially I was feeling nauseous and, what I can only describe as odd. And I wasn’t about to move.

But after about half an hour, I was ready to move about, albeit slowly. A couple of hours later and I was back on the roof, to make it secure for the night.

At no time did I have any pain (even though I couldn’t stand initially, this wasn’t due to pain – to be honest, I don’t know why I couldn’t) or any bruising.

And I have no fear about doing minor roof repairs.

If you use no other homeopathic medicine, buy yourself a few bottle of this fabulous medicine for any unforeseen injuries you, your family or your animals may sustain. You may never know how much good you do, or what disasters you averted.

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