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In recent years natural medicine has gained in immense popularity largely due to the absence of any side effects associated with it. The main reason why people are looking for alternative forms of treatment is the dangerous side effects that western medicine carries. For example if you intake certain allopathic medicines in an empty stomach it can damage your liver but there are no such problems associated with any of the herbs. In this article we are going to discuss about the herbs which help in tightening the vagina and the herbal creams which are becoming very popular amongst women who have a loose vagina due to child birth or aging.

It is uncomfortable and awkward and sometimes downright humiliating to ask, how-ever this is a big problem for a large percentage of the population. It can play a large part of any well-functioning relationship, sexual contentment is a crucial and important part.

It can make you feel insecure, damage your confidence and make you feel like crap. When it comes to pleasuring your partner, even though it doesn’t matter as much as you think, it can also make you not feel as well as you would like to under the sheets. Tight vagina has become one of the necessities to give immense pleasure to your man.

Every woman, most of who are married would always crave a tight vagina. Although already have children, most women still want a tight vagina. Many ways are taken by women to keep tightening the vagina, through the traditional way or modern.

How to Tighten Vagina

Tips to Keep Woman’s Vagina Tight Like a Virgin

1. Acidity of the vagina approximately 7.1 to 7.3. Therefore, women should keep the acid levels to maintain a healthy vagina.

2. If menses or menses, should replace the pads as often as possible. Do not get stuck because your pads wear all day. This could interfere with the cleanliness of the vagina.

3. After sex, the outside of the vagina should be cleaned with a special antiseptic soap vagina.

4. Change your underwear at least 2-3 times a day. Or is also advisable to not wear underwear while sleeping at night, in order to provide more free air in your vagina.

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5. We recommend using cotton underwear that absorbs sweat. Do not use a panty liner all day, just use for 2-3 hours during the day.

6. For women who had sexual intercourse and had never given birth, it is recommended to perform a pap smear once a year. For those who have menopause pap smear is recommended at 2-3 years.

7. Do not wear nylon pants, jeans and leather pants that are too tight. Because it will make the sides of your vagina moist. Moist vagina can be affected by fungus or other skin diseases.

8. Keep your weight to remain normal. For women who are obese, fat folds of her vagina will be closed easily and causes the vagina moist.

9. Keep your body health in general. For a healthy body, enough energy and enough vitamins, of course you can have sex with healthy too.

Why Vagina Looses Firmness

Unlike public opinion, a loose or flappy vagina does not come from too much sexual intercourse (or the size of your partners penis). A loose vagina can be triggered by numerous reasons, such as childbirth, menopause, or simply natural growing old.

Remember, having less sex will not keep your vagina tighter. The reasons the vagina get’s lose is the natural stretching and tearing of the muscles on the vaginal walls when you give birth or get old. As with every other part of our body, the vagina has muscles that contract and relax when needed. But when we grow old, or the vagina goes through the trauma of childbirth the natural elasticity is reduced.

The muscle tissue of the vagina which is tightly folded is naturally very elastic. Like your mouth. If you pull the corners of your mouth towards your ears and let go, they will go back to their original shape. This can be done countless times without any change to how your mouth looks.

The vagina works in a similar way. It is normally in a rested state and changed only for two reasons. They are sexual intercourse and childbirth. Anxiety makes a vagina contract and becomes tighter, that is why some young girls cannot insert tampons. However, after childbirth the muscle tissues tear, and if not taken care of will lose their elasticity. They will not be able to contract or be flexible as they used to.

It is an unavoidable situation, but one must realize that there are ways to get back the tightness without having to go through the rest of your life feeling inadequate. There are many ways to get back the tightness of your vagina without having to resort to vaginoplasty that is a cosmetic surgery to tighten the vaginal walls. This option can have risks and is also very expensive. You do not have to consider this when you have other natural options.

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Vagina Tightening Herbs

There are certain herbs which are helpful in tightening the vagina. Herbs like manjakini and aloe are very effective in tightening the vaginal area. The application of these herbs help increase blood flow to the genital area and also helps in release of estrogen which also helps in getting rid of vaginal dryness problem.

There are numerous herbs that can aid tighten up your hoo-haa muscles.

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica assists tighten your wall surfaces by encouraging genital tissue regrowth, This natural herb also stabilizes estrogen levels to neutralize your hormone imbalances.

Pueraria Mirifica healthise tight vagina

Benefit: this herb additionally assists shield versus uterus cancer cells.

Curcuma Comosa

An additional natural herbs consists of Curcuma Comosa. This herb assists tighten up vaginal muscle mass, it likewise helps to remedy future looseness by shielding against vaginal wall surface prolapse.

Benefit: Curcuma Comosa additionally aids treat dry skin, hot flashes and also could minimize menstrual cramps.

Natural Douches

You can likewise correct a stretched vaginal canal using natural douches that recover suppleness and also stamina. Numerous combinations of these organic herbs make you feel healthier and cleaner down between legs, yet really it may not feel all that tighter so easily because herbal treatment takes time to show results.

How To Get These Herbs

There are many companies which make vagina tightening creams and sprays. Two most popular types, creams and sprays. These contain a combination of herbs which are effective in tightening the vagina. The best thing about these formulations is that they are applied just 15 to 20 minutes prior to intercourse and there regular usage helps in permanent tightening plus the herbs present in these products also help get rid of vaginal odor and dryness. The price range of these creams ranges from $40 to $50 which is quite economical as compared to a vagina tightening surgery which can cost you around $5000.

These herbal formulations are worth trying out as they are 100% natural and there is no danger of any side effects. You will get a tighter vagina which is essential for a good sex session as your partner will love the tightness and you will enjoy better feeling of penetration.

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