Homeopathy is the Science of New Age Healing. The term homeopathy has been derived from Greek words ‘homios’ meaning similar and ‘pathos’ meaning suffering. It is one of the oldest sciences of alternative medicine, the first homeopath medicine having originated nearly 207 years back in Germany. Most of the homeopathy medicines like Belladonna, quinine and all others are derived from plants.

The role of an experienced homeopath is to analyze the full case history of the patient, note down and understand the details of his symptoms and then select the remedy that is the fittest to treat the particular case. Homeopathy principles and medication is arguably the most successful and best treatment till date.

Principles of Homeopathy

1.Homeopathy looks upon symptoms of diseases as a positive sign and the first step to start treatment.

2.Nothing can be taken for granted in the treatment of homeopathy. Full symptoms have to be considered and the case history of the patient needs to be studied by the homeopaths.

3.Homeopathy treatments are individualized. The composition of medicines for no two people suffering from the same disease can be the same.

4.It may also happen that the symptoms of two people are similar, but the reaction of medicines for different individuals is different.

5.The aim of homeopathy treatment is not to control or suppress the symptoms, but to completely cure the person suffering from it.

The Laws of Homeopathy

1.The Law of Similar

This is the principal concept of homeopathy. The concept is that homeopathy treatments are individualized. The composition of medicines for no two people suffering from the same disease can be the same. Moreover, even if the symptoms of two people are similar, reactions of medicine for them might as well be different.

2.The Single Remedy

In the homeopathy treatment, one single medicine is given to the patient at a time. Unlike the synthetic medicines, there is no need to consume several drugs at a single go for a single disease. Moreover, the homeopathy medicine dosage and strength depends upon the individual’s constitution.

3.The Minimum Dose

As far as homeopathy medicine is concerned, a single and small dose is enough strong to create an impact on the diseases and its symptoms. Moreover, homeopathy medicines in their raw forms are very strong and concentrated. The medicines are diluted either with water or ethyl alcohol before giving the same to the patient for his treatment.

4.The Direction of Cure

Homeopathy medicine generally works like this: from a more important organ to a less important organ, from within outward and symptoms that are appeared first disappears in the end.

Are Homeopathy Medicines Safe

Homeopathy medicines have so far been claimed to be the safest; safer than the allopath or the synthetic medicines. It is true that these medicines hardly give rise to any side effects. Homeopaths claim that the medication is safe because the key ingredients are present in minimum quantities.

Very often we come across a rise in symptom or a particular disease with the intake of homeopathy medicine. But it must be remembered that this is the initial reaction of the medication and is a part of the remedial measures.

Precaution in Diet during the Treatment

In homeopathy, the medicine and its effects get absorbed directly by the tongue. As such, while under the homeopath’s treatment, people are generally advised to avoid the intake of raw onions, anything sour, coffee, camphor and others.

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