Medicines are there to eliminate numerous health problems in the body. And with advancement of science and technology, production of medicines for different purposes is enhancing and thus we can get rid of several health related troubles. By the term herbal we mean the medicine extracted or synthesized from the plants and its products. Medicines are the part and parcel of today’s living where development has reached the peak, at the same time this development lead to the emergence of different fatal and non-fatal health problems.

Herbal medicines are the primary health management and this practice of healing a broad range of complaints or to boost health with plants and plant extracts are the principle of herbalism or phytotherapy. The concept of herbal medicine is the most primitive form of healthcare playing a vital role in the development of recent medicine which we are using today.
In other words we can define herbal medicine as the utilization of plants along with herb extracts intended for their therapeutic and curative value. The majority of the plants species found to have and produce chemical essences that facilitate in healing and supplementary physical treatments.

Herbal medicines are using at greater extent as these are associated with least side effects. Medicines though give immediate solutions to the health problems or illnesses, leave some side effects which become more fatal to the remaining body functioning system. Herbal medicines are extracted from the natural substances basically the plants and its products.

The practice of herbal medicines are prevailing since the prehistoric days and in India it is very famous and Indian Ayurveda has a big position in the world of herbal medicine. Nearly 80% of the world population is utilizing the herbal products in curing and preventing numerous diseases and its effects. Herbal medicine is associated with the primary health care programs.

All plant life generates certain chemical complex during their ordinary metabolic activities which can be further categorizes as primary metabolites for example fats and sugars available in the entire plants species and the secondary metabolites though found in smaller varieties of plants, particularly in specific species or genus. The identification of healing powers in the plants has lead to growth of various herbal medicines manufacture from different plants and plants extracts.

More than 80,000 plants species are found to contain medicinal properties and widely used in treating and preventing diseases. Herbal medicines are also using in association of other therapeutic programs like acupuncture and a good deal of prescription drugs are manufactured from the plants and plants extracts. Several herbal ingredients are found in the drugs used for healing and preventing diseases for example aspirin manufactured from Salix species whose common name is willow bark and digitalis made from Digitalis purpurea, foxglove.

The most common question arises is that if all the herbal products are beneficial and are they capable replacing the modern medication that is with drugs and associated chemical substances? The answer is that herbal medicines are used generally for treating mild cases and are less effective in case of the serious diseases, this can also be considered on the basis of the longer duration required for the herbal medicine s to effect. At the same time all the plant and plants extracts are safe to use and therefore is essential thing to consult the experts and doctors of the specific field.

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