Herbal medicine history literally goes back to the beginning of civilization.

and although it is really impossible to know exactly when herbal medicine history first began, archaeological remains from early civilizations have revealed that plants were used in burials as well as in various other types of rituals.

Modern medicine only started around 300 years ago, from around the end of the industrial revolution, prior to that Herbal medicine was the only form of medicine known to man., and it was considered as being an integral part of the overall development of civilization. Herbs have been used by all cultures throughout history, and much of the medicinal use of plants seems to have been developed through observations of wild animals and as well by trial and error.

What is Herbal Medicine?

There are many different types of natural medicine that use herbs as a part of their practice, and herbal medicine is considered as being a type of approach that uses plant or plant-derived preparations in order to treat, prevent or cure various different health conditions and ailments.

Today, herbal medicine is considered as being a complementary type of therapy, one which uses plants or plant extracts in order to treat illness. There are also many well-established medicines that come from plants, for instance morphine, which comes from poppies, aspirin and willow bark and which is used quite commonly in the modern day.

Before you take any herbal medicine yourself, you should be aware of the herbal medicine history and as well you should make a consultation to see an herbalist. This first consultation will typically take around an hour to complete, and during this time they will ask you various questions about your health, including your medical and family history, lifestyle and emotional state.

The Importance of Herbal Medicine History

There is great importance behind herbal medicine history, namely that by understanding the history you will be able to make better use of the various different herbs that are available at your disposal. Herbs offer a variety of benefits that you can use to add to your life, and so you should definitely incorporate them as much as possible.

By reading and ubderstanding the history of herbal medicine along with the relevant uses you will be in a better position to discuss with professional naturopaths and herbalists what herbs are best suited for your requirements. With more and more modern research being carried out on herbal medicines, there is a realization of their complimentary nature. Herbal medicines are now becoming recognized by modern medicine as a valuable adjunct to the overall healing process.

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