Lots of golf fitness training programs include “functional training”, which means they deal with all the muscles in the body. One of the favorite exercises meant to train the golf muscles is the rotational lunge with the medicine ball. For this golf fitness training technique you need a medicine ball that weighs between three and six pounds. Lift the ball at the chest level while keeping your elbows bent. Elevate the left leg and put the foot upfront as for a lunge. Continue this golf fitness training exercise by placing the leg with the toes upwards and the torso upright.

Once at this level of the golf fitness training exercise, bend your knees to get the hips lower to the floor, once you get in this position make a rotation move with the shoulders from left to right and vice versa. Then, you apply the same golf fitness training tips for the right part of the body. An alternation of the lunge is necessary in at least fifteen repetitions organized in one up to three sets. Perform this type of golf fitness training two or three times a week and the new season should find you in perfect shape and an enviable health condition. Good luck and good scores!

It takes time and practice to actually follow the golf swing your trainer may show you; remember this is a sport, so, training is everything. If you make an effort just to understand the logical principle of the golf swing instructions, you’ll be one step closer to more powerful, yet effortless moves. Even if you choose to go on learning other golf tricks besides the swing ones, don’t forget that the latter are basic, you’ll always need them to do the rest.

If you’ve seen some “professional” player hit the ball by a very quick move of the arms, that will not be the person to take as a model. Golf swing instructions are clear about the coordination of feet, legs, trunk and finally, shoulder movement. This is the correct and only order to practice your swing. The first part of the golf swing instructions should mention that if you move the body slowly, you will actually hit the ball better, and it will go a lot farther. If you just slow down, you can better control the club centre, send the ball faster with less effort. This is a golf swing instruction worth remembering.

Don’t be surprised to see that most of free golf lessons online devote lots of time and resources to insist on the short game practice. Remember that the main achievement is to get in the end zone and without proper moves, that is not possible. Use the free golf lessons online as a starting point, and then you may also require some professional advice too.

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