If you blow your nose and see drops of blood on your handkerchief, you are suffering from nosebleed. The causes range from allergy to excessive use of nasal spray. Though it can alarm you, there is no need to worry as the experience is just a nuisance. Hardly a tablespoon of blood is shed. But by following some simple procedures, you can eliminate the problem.

The following simple cures will help you in treating nosebleeds:

Blow you nose gently: Blowing your nose gently will help clearing out any clots formed. Presence of these blood clots leads to sealing of the blood vessels. Clearing your nose will remove the clots and can stop the bleeding.

Pinch your nostrils: Pinch your nostrils the same way as you would when you jump into a pool. Remain in this position for five minutes and breathe through your mouth. Then let go and resume breathing through the mouth. Take care to ensure that you do not blow your nose after resuming.

Remain erect: Sit or stand up straight. Lying back or throwing your head back causes you to swallow blood.

Moisten your surroundings: When you remain in a heated room for a long time, your mucous membranes dry out. This makes you more prone to nosebleeds. But when you humidify your surroundings, especially in the winter season, you can keep moisture in the house. This will lead to more moisture in your membranes.

Increase your vitamin intake: If you suffer from nosebleeds regularly, take more iron and vitamin C. Iron helps in replacing the blood lost during bleeding. Vitamin C is necessary for the absorption of iron. Along with B-complex vitamins, it helps in the formation of collagen and free-flowing mucous. It also forms the moist protective lining in your sinuses and nose.

If all these tips do not help, consult a doctor. If you feel blood running down the back of the throat after you pinch the nostrils, it means you are losing blood even though the nosebleed has stopped. In this case it is advised to consult a doctor.

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