Natural medicine dates back to ancient civilizations when people always turned to nature for natural therapies that helped their physical and emotional body obtain balance and order, relieve pain, improve health and treat illnesses. Since time immemorial, man has recognized that nature has countless elements just waiting to be discovered as helpful remedies in mans health maladies.

In fact, Hippocrates, considered to be the father of medicine, used countless botanical extracts and solutions available in nature to cure diseases as well as improve health and overall well being. Aside from herbal sources, natural medicine also uses therapies such as homeopathy, traditional Chinese and Oriental methods and other natural essences from the earth. They have been proven to be safe and have no side effects to say the least. Even modern medicine is slowly gaining interest in incorporating natural medicine with conventional medical practice.

One famous practice in natural medicine is aromatherapy where essences from plants such as flowers, leaves, seeds, twigs and bark are extracted to create essential oils whose scents are believed to help change moods, relax the mind and body, and treat certain ailments especially when coupled with other natural medications. Proofs that natural medicine is safe and that their efficacy is there is the fact that for centuries up to now, traditional Chinese and other Oriental methods of medicine are still widely practiced and some modern medical practitioners even in conventional medicine have adopted these methods. Of course the most common among natural remedies is the use of herbal plants.

Herbal medicine is common in almost all cultures around the world and its use dates back to thousands of years ago. Although plants and plant parts such as flowers, leaves, twigs and barks, are solely used, some cultures mix with these herbal extracts some animal or mineral products. The medicine may be in the form of tea, tablets, capsules, or any other forms of extracts.

A lot of food supplements and vitamins also incorporate plants essences as important ingredients. Natural medicine also includes other non-medicinal based healing and treatment such as mere exposure to sunlight or a get away to a place where there is fresh air and tranquil environment. Along with these other methods are forms of mind and body relaxation techniques that are primarily helpful in combating stress are meditation, massage, hypnosis, and mind and body exercises such as yoga and tai chi.

There are many proven benefits that natural medicine can bring about and with the rising costs of synthetically manufactured drugs and medicines; you might just find the perfect remedy that has always been in nature. Of course there should always be the intervention of a doctor and an expert in alternative medicine to make sure that the best possible ways of incorporating alternative medicines with conventional drugs will be of best benefits for you. Also, there is no better practice in preventing illnesses and promoting and maintaining a healthy body and well-being than to live the right life: proper and balanced nutrition, adequate rest, exercise, and a healthy disposition in life.

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