Diabetics should look after their feet ( Alternative Medicine )

It is confirmed that the health of diabetic patient’s feet is very important and any injury or bruise, the size of a spot may cause problems right down to the bone and cause gangrene, so diabetics should take care of their feet from shoes to socks and nails to heels. Experts stated at a press conference that for diabetics the most vulnerable organ is their feet. The feet are the organs which are most exposed so when the flow of blood slows at the feet they start to lose sensitivity. An expert claims that even a little bruise might leave the feet more vulnerable to future injuries so diabetics should protect their feet:

Your feet should be washed every night with warm water, be dried thoroughly and moisturised. After sports and walking, the underside of the feet should be checked with a mirror to ensure there are no bruises. Socks musn’t be too big or too small, musn’t be scrunched up or torn. Shoes should be made from soft leather, with smooth inside and not pointed or tapered at the front. Toe nails should be cut short. Nails should be cut straight across, not rounded. ( Alternative Medicine )

Experts warn that if diabetic people don’t take these warnings seriously and don’t follow these guidelines they may lose their feet or legs, treatment is too difficult and lengthy. If injuries don’t heal properly, even a little bruise the size of a spot can reach the bone and become gangrene and can cause loss of toes or whole feet.

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