Most women who have small breasts suffer from low self confidence and an inferiority complex as it is well known that men are attracted towards women having large breast size. In this article we are going to find out what are the causes and possible treatment for small breasts.

Reason For Small Breasts
The main reason for small breasts is lack of estrogen and presence of extra testosterone in the body. In order to increase estrogen levels in the body one can take the help of natural herbs, change eating habits and start exercising.

Using Herbs
There are certain herbs which richly contain estrogen like fenugreek. The intake of such herbs considerably help increase estrogen levels in the body hence helping breasts grow in size. But there are certain precautions you have to take when taking herbal medicines for breast enlargement. Like
1. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and nicotine as these substances contain harmful toxins which interfere with the functioning of the herbs and decrease their efficacy to a large extent.
2. Follow the instructions which the makers have laid out for the medicine. Like if the medicine has to be taken for three times a day do not skip a single dosage as missing out on a dosage as it will disturb the on going process of healing.

Avoid eating junk and processed food and try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables specially home cooked food which is 100% more healthier than restaurant food. Carrots and fennel seeds have been found to be rich in estrogen levels and are magical foods for increasing breast size.

Lite exercises like push ups and dumb bell flies also help improve the look of breasts and also assist in development as exercise helps increase blood flow to the breasts.

Following the above steps religiously it wont take you long to notice a change in the size of your breasts which will be healthy and without any side effects unlike surgery which will cost you a fortune and give you many health complications.

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