According to a recent survey one in every ten men will suffer from prostate related problem at some point in his life. Prostate related problems are increasingly becoming as common as common cold in America. But if you follow the following instructions laid down in this article you can surely minimize your chances of suffering from prostatitis to a great extent. So without any further delay let us discuss some ways to counter prostate related problems.

Problems Related To Prostate
Prostate gland plays a very vital role in ourbody, as it is responsible for secreting a fluid which forms a large part of the semen as well as it is responsible for proper functioning of the urinary system. It is a gland that keeps on growing the problem starts when their is some extra growth as it can lead to impotence and problem in urinating.

Lifestyle Changes
These days life has become so hectic that one hardly gets time for himself which results in body becoming fatiqued as a result certain diseases start to grip your body. So in order to stay healthy you have to give yourself some time. For starters start eating home cooked food as it is 100% more hyginic and healthier than food served at restaurants. Also start exercising regularly as it helps increase testosterone levels in the body as it helps in optimal functioning of the reproductive system.

Mention of Prostatitis In Ayurveda
Ayurveda which is known as the oldest system of medicine dating back to more than 5000 years has mentioned about the problem of an enlarged prostate as follows ” their organ size of a peanut located near the urinary bladder and if it has unnatural growth can cause problems of urination and erectile dysfunction”. There are also some herbs mentioned which can help bring the prostate back to its normal size. Saw palmetto and tribulus terrestritis are two such herbs which have been extensively used and researched worlwide for their prostate shrinking properties and helping relieve urinary tract problems.

Other Things To Consider
Addictions like intake of alcohol and cigarette smoking are very harmful if you are taking herbs for treatment as they interfere with the proper functioning of the herbs and reduce their efficacy to a very large extent resulting in further damage to the body. So it is always advisable to stay away from such addictions and also one more thing is to reduce the intake of tea and coffee as they contain caffeine which is harmful for the reproductive system.

Saw Palmetto As a Cure For An Enlarged Prostate
Saw palmetto is one of the world’s most popular herb used by men worldwide. It is mostly cultivated in south east asia and has been known to be every effective in shrinking an enlarged prostate. A recent study in Canada has confirmed its efficacy in shrinking the prostate.

Use Of Herbs In Treating Health Conditions
Unlike western medicine which causes a lot of side effects, use of herbs does not cause any side effects but they take time show results but the treatment effected through herbal medication is permanent and it not only treats the disease but the person as a whole.

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