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Obesity and Safe Weight Loss

I do not have a weight problem and I enjoy eating healthy foods, however, obesity is a health problem that affects someone in my family. For some time now, this family

Pet Health – How To Keep Your Dog Safe

Sadly enought, reventable accidents are also a leading cause of early death for many dogs. Veternarians often see dogs injured as the resutl off car accidents, from dogfights, or who suffer

Health Benefits of Travel

The traffic’s crawling and your kids are calling. Work is a chore but it’s necessary to maintain your lifestyle and to pay for the hobbies you no longer have time for. Friends

5 Tips for Cancer Free Safe Grilling

For years there has been a controversy whether grilled meats cause cancer . A few research studies have found that grilling and broiling cause meats (red meat, poultry and fish included )

Defining Safe Athletic Performance Supplements

Taking nutritional supplements is one of the best ways to enhance a current fitness program or athletic performance, because it takes more than movement and food to get as fit as

Hcg: Dr. Simeons’ Diet Assures Safe And Effective Weight Loss

There are two components to the diet program that includes HCG. Dr. Simeonsâ?? diet is the other part of the equation. It is true that this diet is an extremely low

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men: A Safe Treatment of Andropause or Male Menopause

Before you begin a male hormone replacement therapy program, most men ask themselves if they have male menopause symptoms. Symptoms of male menopause, also known as andropause, include decreased mental quickness, decreased

Stay Safe by Using Online Pharmacy Reviews

Online pharmacies are all the rage in buying medicine, what with the ease people can get pills over the much-glorified Internet without having to travel a block or so to reach an

Safe way to shed weight

Acai is a relatively new fruit being distributed into the market and has only been available in the united states for approximately 5 years now. The fruit itself originates from the Amazon

Safe Tanning Beds That Produce Vitamin D – Why Vitamin D is a Key Player in Your Overall Health

Long ago Vitamin D was link to simply bone diseases like rickets or osteoporosis. However, in today’s world, it’s considered to be one of the best ingredients to your overall health. Some

Herbal Medicine: What is Herbal Medicine and is it Safe?

Herbal Medicine is a form of alternative medicine based on the use of plants in the form of herbal supplements, raw herbs, herbal extracts, herbal tinctures, and other herbal remedies such as

Olive Leaf Toxicity – What is a Healthy, Safe and Effective Dose?

The potential olive leaf toxicity is not well researched. It has been shown that Oleuropein, one of the medicinally active compounds found in the leaves, is non-toxic to mice at dose up

Terramed Alliance News Safe To Treat HER2-positive Breast Cancer

Standard adjuvant treatment for HER2-positive breast cancer patients, following primary surgery for their cancer, is Trastuzumab (Herceptin)–typically used in combination with chemotherapy. However, a new study by researchers at Fox Chase Cancer

The Medifast Diet Program For Quick And Safe Weight Loss

It is the time of year when everyone thinks about changing things in their life that they are not happy with. It seems like to most common New Years resolutions have to

Weight Loss Diet: Natural and Safe Weight Loss Tips

According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of health and healing, the Kapha Dosha (humour) is primarily responsible for fat and adipose tissue in the body and therefore reducing Kapaha is the

Tips for Healthy, Safe, and Fast Weightloss

Many people think that fast weight loss is difficult or dangerous. The truth is, it’s neither-if you do it properly. There are a number of ways to lose weight. Some are easy

Taking Care of Your Health For Safe Travelling

Are you going to Paris? Trekking in Nepal? Cruising the Caribbean? Yes, you want to go and to spend some time enjoying the wonderful weather, view and just have a rest from

Tips For Selecting the Most Effective Kitchen Sink Water Filter To Give You Healthy Safe Water

The benefits of a sink water filter cannot be understated today and is important if you want to live a longer and healthier life. It is essential that the water we consume

Weight Loss Programs – Your Health In Safe Hands

Maybe you need to lose some weight; you are concerned about your health and appearance. There are so many weight loss programs out there though how do you decide which are the

Weight Loss Diet Why Nutritional Cleansing Gets Fast Safe Natural Weight Loss

Weight loss has become an obsession in a nation where 63% of the people are overweight and a startling 31% are obese. Clearly our modern lifestyle is not healthy. Many people are

Health Tips for Safe Swimming in Pools

It doesn’t really matter where you swim, whether a community pool or your backyard pool, you should know the difference between a healthy pool and a dangerously risky one.   The U.S.

Safe Diets Can be Nutritious and Healthy

So much talk about diets is the latest fad diet but in reality a safe and long term sustainable diet is always the best plan if your goal is to lose weight

Services for a Healthy and Safe Life

In today’s world, each one of us is occupied with innumerable tensions and tasks and do not have time for each other. In such times, if there is a bed-ridden patient to

Dieting and Weight Loss, a Safe Method

How many times have you or someone you know lost weight only to gain it back? The real key to dieting is therefore to eliminate the bottom of the food chain, sugar

Is Alternative Medicine Safe and Effective?

As a kid I remember that when I would get a tummy ache, my mom would ask me to lie down and slowly sip through a drink of homemade lemonade with a

Is Raw Cat Food Safe?

There is some concern about whether raw cat food is safe. Some feel that raw meat may contain salmonella, toxoplasmosis or another equally troublesome bacteria or parasite. And that the only way

How Safe are the Body Building Supplements for Athletes?

Body building supplements are generally defined as substances taken by athletes and body builders to help them develop a more toned and more defined physique. Individuals who take body building supplements are

Your Dog Care Tips: Keep Your Dog Safe in Your Backyard

Keep your dog safe in your backyard. All dogs suffer when it is too hot. Some are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke. If you are in a hot climate, make sure you have

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