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Canadian Patient 1 Week After Mini-Gastric Bypass

Patient with Headache after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Most of the time headaches are caused by being dehydrated. Doctors prescribe to stop focusing on over-eating and worry about intake of lots of fluids. Protein obtained from drinking milk also count

66 year old patient 3 years after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Happy patient 1 year after Mini-Gastric Bypass surgery!!

North Carolina Patient with Severe Liver Disease

Another Failed LAP-BAND® Patient Converted to MGB

Happy patient 1 yr after Mini-Gastric Bypass surgery!!

Canadian Revision Patient 1 Year after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Happy Patient 1 year talks about the MGB

Failed LapBand Patient Talks about Her New MGB

After Effects Mini-Gastric Bypass

If you are one of the millions of clinically obese individuals facing the prospect of weight loss surgery (some estimates put the number of morbidly obese Americans at 23 million) then the

Diabetes Patient Education Subcutaneous Injection

Subcuteanous injection or injection in the fat layer (hypodermis), one of the layers of the skin (cfr picture) is commonly used for injections of insulin by diabetic patients (type I diabetes). However,

Patient Traveled from Florida to Las Vegas for the MGB

Arizona Patient after Mini-Gastric Bypass with Dr Rutledge

Sister of Mass. Patient, Hello Flo! and Dr Peraglie

Re: Failed LapBand Patient Talks about Her LapBand

Happy Las Vegas Patient after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Idaho Patient 6 Days after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Husband of Failed LapBand Patient Converted to MGB

Happy MGB Patient Down 131 lbs

Lung Cancer Patient Coughs Up 38 Dead Tumors on Natural Mineral Protocal

Happy Wisconsin Patient after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Another Happy Patient after the Mini-Gastric Bypass

Happy Patient 1 1/2 years talks about the MGB Error

6 Years After MGB Patient Brings Brother for MGB with DrR

Happy California Patient after Mini-Gastric Bypass 2

Nurse/Mother/MGB Patient After her MGB with Dr Rutledge

Texas Patient 6 Days after Mini-Gastric Bypass

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