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Oral Cancer – What is Oral Cancer

Cancer is defined as the uncontrollable growth of cells that invade and cause damage to surrounding tissue. Oral cancer appears as a growth or sore that does not go away. Oral

How a Man Can Lose His Virginity!

Virginity for an adult man is the state of being non-engaged to sexual intercourse or physical intimacies that involve penetrative or oral sex. There are cultural and religious traditions that place special

Licking Vagina Poses: Cunnilingus Oral Sex Positions

Cunnilingus is an oral sex act performed by a person on a female’s genitalia (the clitoris, other parts of the vulva or the vagina). The clitoris is the most sexually sensitive part

To Maintain good Oral Health, Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Healthier Teeth

Studies show that oral hygiene plays a role in overall health. Researchers have found that people who have periodontal disease have in increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and type II diabetes.

Tips on Oral Sex – Art of Giving Good Head – Seduce Your Partner With Stunning Oral Treats

Oh, now where to begin with this one. I can’t say that I’ve ever met a man who didn’t like to have his penis sucked on. As a matter of fact that

A Link Between Oral Health and Nutrition in Texas

According to the latest medical research, there is a correlation between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Most Texans understand the popular link between healthy eating to prevent heart disease and

Dr Whiting on Heart Disease and Oral Chelation