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Diabetes Overview with Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke

Diabetes is a disease where your blood glucose (sugar) levels are above normal. It results from the inability of the glucose to get into your cells. As a result your cells are

Know About Health And Nutrition

A wholesome and nutrition balanced diet plays an important role in maintaining good health. Research has proved that consuming healthy food is beneficial to the health and unhealthy eating habits gives rise

Eating A Cholesterol Lowering Diet For Heart Disease Prevention

Balancing the ratios of LDL and HDL cholesterol is the aim of any cholesterol lowering diet because lowering the bad (LDL) cholesterol is a large factor in reducing the risk of coronary

Male Sexual Health is as Important as a Man’s Beating Heart

Sexual health is the ability to embrace and enjoy our sexuality throughout our lives. It is an important part of our physical and emotional health. Being sexually healthy means: Understanding that sexuality

The many advantages of cardiovascular exercise – strengthen your heart and reduce body fat!

By Andrew Smith, Webmaster at UsanaInHealth.com In my opinion, exercise is essential for everyone, regardless of personal goals and targets regarding health.  Exercise is not just for athletes or people looking

Lower Cholesterol Will Help Reduce Heart Disease Risk

This article discusses the risks involved with having a high cholesterol level. It discusses how lower cholesterol will improve significantly your risk of heart disease. Do you personally need a

REVERSE Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and more… WITHOUT Drugs!!

Does a High Cholesterol Diet Increase Cholesterol in the Body?

If you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol, you’re probably trying to modify your existing diet to lower your cholesterol. You might be surprised to learn that a high cholesterol diet is not

Cholesterol is no longer the prime cause for Heart Attack

Many die young with a Healthy cholesterol level because of inflammation, watch how Transfer factor can reduce the risk of inflammation which is responsible for heart stroke

Michael Savage – Vitamins, Cholesterol Myth, Heart Health

High cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease or heart attacks!

High cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease or heart attacks!

Cholesterol and Heart Disease

What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol helps your body build new cells, insulate nerves, and produce hormones. Normally, the liver makes all the cholesterol the body needs. But cholesterol also enters your body from

Understanding Cholesterol (Heart Basics #5)

Cholesterol is an essential lipid that helps your body function properly. It has many functions including helping your glands make hormones, your liver to produce bile, and your cells to maintain their

Heart Surgeons Change of Heart! What He Learned Can Save Your Life!

When a heart surgeon who has seen the insides of 5,000 people’s arteries has a “change of heart” it’s definitely something to take note of! Especially if you want to protect your

Sad Heart, Happy Heart. Here’s how to Keep it Ticking Happily

It may be an age old symbol of emotion, but everyone knows that the human heart is really nothing more than a pump. Or is it? New research suggests a direct link

Heart Rate Variability Analysis – A Powerful Health Assessment Tool

For the past decade heart rate variability (HRV) analysis has gained a significant interest within medical researchers and health oriented professionals. The amount of research papers on HRV ( heart rate variability)published

Healthy Heart Healthy Life

The heart is a muscle and like any other muscle in order for it to be strong it has to be developed. The heart is the most important muscle in the body

To Maintain good Oral Health, Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Healthier Teeth

Studies show that oral hygiene plays a role in overall health. Researchers have found that people who have periodontal disease have in increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and type II diabetes.

Remedies to Prevent Coronary Heart Disease And Stroke

Coronary heart disease and heart attack and stroke can be avoided to a large extent by lifestyle measures. The direct causes of coronary heart disease and stroke are factors like these: –

Healthy Eating For a Woman's Heart

If the adage that the best way for a woman to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then it must imply that a woman has to be good at cooking. Being

Diabetes – A High Risk Factor For Coronary Heart Disease

It is alarming to know that every year diabetes mellitus kills more than 70,000 United States residents and about 20 million people in U. S. alone suffer from this disease. Five in

Ingredients to a Healthy Heart

Do you ever wonder how the Healthy Heart Diet works to help you lower the risk of having heart disease? Especially high is the risk of heart disease in the United Kingdom

Home Remedies And Natural Treatment For Heart Disease

Heart disease is a disorder that affects the ability of the heart to function normally. The common types of heart disease are coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, ischaemic heart disease, hereditary

Obesity is an Invitation to Heart Disease Attack

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, nearly 40 per cent of its population is obese. The number of obese children has tripled over the

Be Heart Wise for Every Minute of Your Life, Heart Care Tips

It is a well known cardiac stimulates and stimulates the muscles of the heart to function effectively and supply blood to all parts of the body. It helps in lowering the blood

Low Cholesterol Diet – Decrease Risk of Heart Diseases

What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fatty wax lipid that can be found in the cell membranes of humans and animals. Cholesterol is a tricky little devil, because if it

Understanding Cholesterol and Heart Health

If you have a better idea of what cholesterol is and how you can manage it in your life, this information will lead to better heart health, and all round better feeling

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