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20,000 Die Every Year From Cancer

Cancer is also known by the medical term malignant neoplasm. It is a disease which presents itself in a host of different ways, in a host of different areas of the

What Every African American Woman Should Know About Black Skin Care

Black skin care is a subject that many African American women want to know more about. Having spent years in the skin care industry, I have received many enquiries from African

Autism – What Every Parent Must Know

Autism – in all its forms – is, understandably, widely accepted as being a big threat to it all. After all, autism can take a huge toll on a child’s social and

Be Heart Wise for Every Minute of Your Life, Heart Care Tips

It is a well known cardiac stimulates and stimulates the muscles of the heart to function effectively and supply blood to all parts of the body. It helps in lowering the blood

I Feel Beautiful – the Second Commandment for Every Woman to Live by

Copyright (c) 2009 Dawn McIntyre No matter what age or size we are, most girls and women continually ask themselves, “What can I do to feel more beautiful?” I have found that