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Lung Cancer, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Lung cancer is caused by uncontrolled rapid growth of cells in tissues. This type of cancer is most common and results in more than a million deaths every year. This form of

Colon Cancer, Incidence, Causation, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis

The colon (together with the rectum) are part of the large intestine (bowel). The colon is a muscular tube that is about five feet long. It absorbs water and nutrients from food

Lung Cancer and Its Causation, Diagnosis and Treatment

Lung cancer may also be the most tragic cancer because in most cases, it might have been prevented, 87% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking. Lung cancer has long been

Bone Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis

Bone cancer is rare and accounts for less than 1% of all new tumors. Not all bone tumors are fatal in fact benign (non cancerous) abnormalities are more common than malignant

Colon Cancer – Diagnosis, Causes, Symptoms, Treatement, and Prognosis

Colon cancer is cancer of the large intestine (colon), the lower part of your digestive system. Colon cancer is the second most common cancer in the USA with equal distribution between

Pancreatic Cancer Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis

Pancreatic cancer begins in the tissues of your pancreas, a large organ that lies horizontally behind the lower part of the stomach. Pancreatic cancer occurs most commonly in men between the

Oily Skin And Its Diagnosis

Washing your face with a gentle facial wash is a basic step in keeping an oil-free skin. An astringent lotion should be applied next because it can easily dissolve the fat and

Skin Abscess Diagnosis and Treatment

Skin abscess is also known as boil disease. It is infected in the skin and filled by pus. Boils usually start as red, tender lumps. The lumps quickly fill with pus, growing

Food Allergy In Cats: Symptoms, Treatments And Diagnosis

Not only humans’ even animals are affected by food allergy. It mainly affects cars and is rated among the main causes of atopy, flea bite allergies. Cats usually develop allergies from constantly

Boils Diagnosis and Treatment

Boil, also referred to as a skin abscess and furuncles, is a localized infection deep in the skin. Boils usually start as red, tender lumps. The lumps quickly fill with pus, growing

Stomach Cancer, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis

Stomach cancer is common throughout the world and affects all races, it is more common in men than women, and has its peak age range between 40 and 60 years old. Stomach

Brain Cancer – Causes, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatment and Prognosis

Malignant brain tumors occur in about 4.5 people per 100,000 population, they may occur at any age but brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in patients younger than age