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Natural Cancer Treatment Vs Conventional Cancer Treatment

During anti cancer treatment (Conventional cancer treatment), it is difficult to protect the healthy cells of side effects caused by the drugs administered. Although the effects of treatment vary according to

Conventional and Unconventional Cancer Treatments – Part One

Copyright (c) 2008 Stephen Lau To be diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic experience in life. Out of desperation, a cancer patient often immediately turns to different cancer treatment options. There

Conventional Medicine vs Alternative Medicine

These are two very different modus operandi in approaching the goal of physical wellness and it is worth taking a look at the differences between the two. I would argue that each

A Brief Comparison of Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine

All throughout man’s civilization, medicine has played a very vital role in maintaining the health of people. In fact, shamans and medical figures were oftentimes occupying relatively high and significant positions in

A Look at Alternative Medicine and Conventional Medicine

Alternative medicine and alternative therapies are therapeutic practices, which are currently not considered as an integral part of conventional medicine. Conventional medicine is the current mainstream medical system of diagnosis and treatment

Integrating Alternative Medicine and Conventional Medicine

Until recently, there has been a battle between proponents of alternative medicine and believers in conventional medicine. It seemed that to back one was to deny the other. This is no longer

The Diabesity Epidemic Part 2: Why Conventional Medicine Actually Makes Things Worse

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