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Black Skin Care – African American Skin Care Guide

The amount of melanin in ones body defines the protection that the skin will have from the sun. Those with dark skin have more melanin in their body than the ones

What Every African American Woman Should Know About Black Skin Care

Black skin care is a subject that many African American women want to know more about. Having spent years in the skin care industry, I have received many enquiries from African

Are Black Men Really At More Risk From Prostate Cancer Than White Men?

A quick glance at any of the literature will tell you that black men are more likely to die from prostate cancer than white men and most of the statistics agree that

Queen Latifah: Big, Black and Beautiful

Queen Latifah, as far as the public is concerned, has been single since recording her first hit 20 years ago and, as the New Jersey-born actress and singer continues to climb the

Re: Under Valued Black Womens' Beauty Part 1 of 2

Black Bean Recipe Ideas and Health Benefits